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Troubleshooting masterpiece by Mark Russinovich – Weekend Read. (from TechEd NA-2014)

It is always funny, geeky, informative and casual when listening to Mark Russinovich Tech-ed session. It made my weekend 🙂

Be sure to watch this – especially blue screen one. http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2014/WIN-B354#fbid=

Mark Russinovich.jpg

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Winners published in MS Website.

  Late afternoon site was updated about the winners list !! pls check it here 

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My blog – Cyberiafreak” has been selected as India’s Top 5 blogs by MS

Dear Friends,
I’m in immense pleasure to announce that my blog "cyberiafreak" has been selected as India’s Top 5 blogs by Microsoft Blogstar contest(http://www.microsoft.com/india/blogstars/), you know the prize….Yes I’ll be going to meet Steve Ballmer, CEO of MS tomorrow in mumbai. Today I recieved official mail and a tickets from MS. http://www.microsoft.com/india/blogstars/blogroll.aspx ( Under Architecure Category ). More news on Steve @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Ballmer
I assume that, this would be once in a lifetime oppurtunity for anyone to meet such a big gaint(Steve Ballmet,CEO, MS Corp) in person and to  share some of our views on the latest. I’ll be sharing my experience & photo with Steve…on my return from the trip in my space. So keep checking my space for more news…..
Thanks for your kind support and keep this momentum going !!!
Mahesh kumar R
+91 99860 67667
"Knowledge is ALSO power" -unknown

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What is Slashdot effect.?

  Today When I was checking blog updates in RSS reader(FeedDemon), I saw http://www.nukeation.net/ site was slashdotted by rediff.Then  what is that /. ?
  Expln : Rediff.com published an article about Dax Pandhi’s(Nukeation.com), sooner the article is published, Nukeation site was temporarily out of service due to the Slashdot Effect. I mean  too many users from big portal hitting small blogs or portals which makes the smaller site unavailable due to increase in traffics and hits.
 According to WiKi- "lot of readers will hit the link to read the story or see the purty pictures. This can easily throw thousands of hits at the site in minutes. Most of the time, large professional websites have no problem with this, but often a site we link will be a smaller site, used to getting only a few thousand hits a day. When all those Slashdot readers start crashing the party, it can saturate the site completely, causing the site to buckle under the strain. When this happens, the site is said to be "Slashdotted."  Recently, the terms "Slashdot Effect" and "Slashdotted" have been used more generally to refer to any short-term traffic jam at a website."  

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Web reaches new milestone: 100 million sites

   According to CNN news source yesterday..there are 100 million sites with domain names and content.  This is double (50 million) in May of 2004.
    * The Web now has 100 million sites today
    ** There were 18,000 Web sites in August of 1995
 "The bottom line is it’s much easier to create a Web site nowadays, and it’s much easier to make money with a Web site," said Miller.
According to CNN, the URL someday be as common as a birth name and a Social Security number?….For some celebrities, it already is. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt registered domains for all three of their children…..But I dont know why I’m waiting to register a domain for myself….Hopefully by this december I’ll have my own domain with more stuffs ..

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9 Days Until Vista RTM!!

Hi all,
    MS is gearing up for much expected Vista release (RTM on Oct. 25,2006) Yes…YES…..yes…,MS is in full swing for rolling out VISTA RTM, I happend to read it in Seattle Times today reported that yesterday a scrolling electronic reader sign in Building 9 on Microsoft’s sprawling Redmond campus ready, "9 Days Until Vista RTM!!!"
    After following CTP, RC…Now RTM is ready to out. These are the MS way of releasing a product. It is ensure that in every stage it meets the criteria and bug free.
So what is this CTP, RC and RTM..??
  1. CTP – Community technology preview – time release to hands of customers between beta releases
  2. CTP Beta – releases get special attention from QA Team or milestones
  3. RC – Release candidate, one more type of release before RTM. they can have ‘n’ number of RC releases to close the bug baskets posted  by testers
  4. RTM – Release to manufacture. RTM marks the completion of the code-writing and bug-fixing processes for Microsoft. At RTM, Microsoft will hand over the final Vista code to factories, where it will be pressed onto disks and installed on the hard drives of new computers.
As we all knew that MS just released RC2 Release candidates, or RCs, are the final beta test copies that Microsoft sends out before finalizing the code for RTM. 
   Windows XP was released on Oct. 25, 2001….So hopefully VISTA RTM will happen on Oct 25,2006…then it will be moved to all customers and partners to load their machines with VISTA for sale.

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