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Yes, I’m getting Married on Nov 2,2008 – Shower your blessings !!

Dear techie bloggers, I cordially invite you all to my Wedding Reception on 3 rd November 2008 -Monday at Tiruchengode(Near to Salem). Pls treat this as my personal invitation and grace the occasion with your presence & shower your blessings. I’ll be on vacation for next few days, until be happy and have fun..Life is beautiful !! – Cyberiafreak

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What is Windows Azure ? from PDC 2008 announcements

* Windows Azure is a cloud services OS that serves as the development, run-time, and control environment for the Azure Services Platform. It was pre-announced as "Windows Cloud".

* It provides on-demand compute, storage, manage web applications thru Microsoft data centers.

* It allows .NET developers to push their applications and/or databases into the cloud, while still allowing them to debug their apps on their local machines. but existing applications will have to be re-worked to run on Azure.

* Developers can use the new Azure SDKs to begin tooling their applications to run in the cloud. Microsoft has made SDKs available for .NET developers using Visual Studio as well as SDKs for Java and Ruby developers. AzureServices-Components_1 image  

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All about .NET & VS 2010


.NET Framework 4 Poster – Deep Zoom Version & PDF Version

.NET Framework 3.5 namespace poster – Download

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP Download from here.

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Enterprise Library 4.1 – Released

Its been just 5 months now, we got a new release from P&P team for Enterprise Library – October 2008 followed by earlier release 4.0.

What’s New? This release of Enterprise Library is a service release that includes the following:– Unity interception mechanism and integration of the Policy Injection Application Block with the Unity Application Block
– Added support for generics in the Unity Application Block
– Added support for arrays in the Unity Application Block
– Performance improvements
– Usability improvements to the configuration tool
– Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 support
– Bug fixes We guys are still using 2.0 (I recompiled the same to have MySql support, except this everything seems fine for me, may be relook the features closely to fine the same ). Anyone out there using the latest libraries..? pls drop me a comment which one you felt useful :).

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PDC 2008 notes by John Papa

Here is the PDC notes from John papa – pretty simple & useful guide.  Thanks to JP – http://johnpapa.net/

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Serious monkey business in India ! – by Reuters

Acchan Miyan, alias Gudde, is employed by the railways administration in Lucknow, in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh, to stop monkeys menacing passengers. He dresses as a monkey to scare away monkeys for money. Read more from here.

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