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#KubeCon CNCF – North America 2019 watchlist

(1) Kubecon – KEDA: Event Driven and Serverless Containers in Kubernetes – Jeff Hollan, Microsoft
(2) Supercharge Your Microservices CI/CD with Service Mesh and Kubernetes – Brian Redmond, Microsoft
(3) Scaling Your Cluster (Both Ways) – Scott Coulton & Patrick Chanezon, Microsoft (HPA) – 2 types – VM (nodes) and Virtual Kubelet

(4) Intro: Linkerd – William Morgan, Buoyant

(5) How the Department of Defense Moved to Kubernetes and Istio – Nicolas Chaillan

(6) Am I Using It Right? Checking Best Practices on Live Kuber… Varsha Varadarajan & Adam Wolfe Gordon

(7) Gone in 60 Minutes: Migrating 20 TB from AKS to GKE in an Hour with Vitess – Derek Perkins, Nozzle
(8) Tinder’s Move to Kubernetes – Chris O’Brien & Chris Thomas, Tinder

(9) Kubernetes at Reddit: Tales from Production – Greg Taylor, Reddit, Inc

(10) Introduction to Virtual Kubelet – Featuring Titus by Netflix – Ria Bhatia & Sargun Dhillon
(11) Going Beyond the Node – Using VK to Realize Crazy Ideas – Brian Goff & Deep Kapur

(12) Day 2 Operations with Windows Containers – Michael Michael, VMware & Patrick Lang, Microsoft
(13) Introduction to Windows Containers in Kubernetes – Michael Michael, VMware & Deep Debroy, Docker
(14) Keynote: The Long Road to IPv4/IPv6 Dual-stack Kubernetes – Tim Hockin & Khaled (Kal) Henidak

Here is the complete recording list – (1) KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019 (327 Videos)  (2) Thanks to cloudyuga for the organized list of  videos and slides on Kubecon’19 San Diego

PS: Stricken once are watched for my tracking. 

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Ignite 2019 – Monday session #mywatchlist #todo

(1) Best practices and tips for operating and monitoring apps on Azure App Service -Now that you deployed your web app, come explore what you should be doing to monitor its health and performance and ensure uptime in the face of unexpected bugs, unanticipated demand spikes and random occurrences of Murphy’s Law. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83967?source=sessions>

(2) IaaS VM operations- In recent months, Tailwind Traders has been having issues with keeping their sprawling IaaS VM deployment under control, leading to mismanaged resources and inefficient processes. In this session, look into how Tailwind Traders can ensure their VMs are properly managed and maintained with the same care in Azure as they were in Tailwind Trader’s on-premises data centers. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82994?source=sessions> 

(3) Azure Reliability: Achieving resilience in the cloud – In this session learn how Microsoft is improving Azure reliability with techniques and automation to improve detection, response, recovery and prevention of issues. Understand the tools you can use to incorporate into your own systems to improve availability for critical workloads. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84303?source=sessions>

(4) Empowering every developer to innovate with Microsoft Azure – Join Donovan Brown, Kendra Havens, Abel Wang, and Jeff Hollan as they take us on an end-to-end tour to showcase how developers can grow their skills and build any kind of application with the most popular toolkit in the market, collaborate with the largest developer community on the planet, and release apps in an open and innovative end-to-end cloud. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81274?source=sessions>

(5) Secure your virtual machines in Azure today – You just migrated to Azure and now you need to secure them. Learn how to secure identity, compute, networking and storage. Take advantage of Azure Security Center and score score to guide you, turn on threat protection and make sure you are protecting public IP addresses with technologies like Azure Firewall and the WAF. Take advantage of policies to apply secure at scale and don’t forget to use update management. This session will give you best practices you need specifically targeting virtual machines. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81968?source=sessions>

(6) Top serverless tools you can’t live without- Serverless is all about efficiency for your application, but what about you? Learn how to be more efficient when you are coding, deploying, and managing serverless solutions. Get a tour of the best tools available. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89293?source=sessions>

(7) Deploy a PowerShell function app to Azure while you drink your coffee- With PowerShell function apps in preview, serverless automation is a great new option for all your Azure administration. Getting started is quick, easy, and low cost. In fact, you could deploy your app before you have finished your cup of coffee. During this talk we deploy three different apps in three different ways, so you can choose your favorite and start using it straight away.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/79592?source=sessions>

(8) Managing cloud native applications with Azure Blob Storage – In this session we cover when to use Azure Blob Storage; how to architect, provision, monitor, secure, and optimize to reduce costs. The four top scenarios covered include: cloud native applications, analytics, HPC, and archive/cold data storage. We also introduce new features that increase the use cases and manageability of blobs. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82965?source=sessions>

(9) Build and deploy your ASP.NET Core application with DevOps in 20 minutes or less – Getting started with an ASP.NET Core application is just the beginning of your application development journey. Does it compile? How will you run tests and ensure the application is in a working state? What does your deployment story look like? In this fast-paced session, we show you how easy it is to get started with Azure DevOps as the premier solution for continuous integration and continuous deployment for ASP.NET Core. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84116?source=sessions>

(10) Build a better .NET Core Azure Service – Have you been using outdated SDKs or REST to access Azure services from your cloud apps? During this session, we’ll look at the improvements that Microsoft has made in the Azure SDK by looking at a typical cloud service written with .NET Core and how the new libraries can increase your productivity and improve the reliability of your cloud services. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/85028?source=sessions>

(11) Outpacing change and staying challenged – Technical Fellow Jeffrey Snover joins Rick Claus on the stage to talk about how he has taken steps to actively challenge his career to take on hard technical problems and stay ahead of the constantly changing landscape. Major milestones for him have been the Monad (PowerShell) manifesto, to Windows Server technical architect, to his current roll architecting the artificial intelligence in the Office Fabric. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89288?source=sessions>

(12) .NET Core CLI: A quick overview – In this session, we go over the basics of .NET Core CLI, how you can use it to build .NET Core apps, some of the changes introduced in .NET Core 3.0, and a few tips and tricks to make your life more productive as a .NET Core developer. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89270?source=sessions>

(13) Discovering the end-to-end Linux on Azure experience – Learn from the Azure product team how we’re streamlining and securing your Linux migration to the cloud. In this session, we cover our investments in Linux on Azure, including tools you can leverage to migrate, deploy, and manage your Linux infrastructure on Azure. Using Red Hat, we illustrate these steps with live demos and best practices sharing. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81973?source=sessions>

(14) At the intersection of you and your career, your uniqueness is your best superpower- You contribute to your work in a way that no one else can. Do you lead with your uniqueness or cover and blend in? Have you encountered work place humor that refers to differences as “unicorns” or “special little snowflakes?” Sometimes we hide or diminish that which makes us stand out in our career. Yet, there is no one else on the planet like us. We have something extraordinary to contribute to the world. Join this session to be inspired and pick up insights on owning your uniqueness as one of your strongest superpowers in the workplace.

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Ignite 2019 – Tuesday session #mywatchlist #todo

(1) Exploring containers and orchestration in Azure – Tailwind Traders is in the process of moving from pure virtual machine workloads to using containers to run their apps. In this session, learn the ins and outs of containers versus VMs (and when to use one over the other) and get an overview of Azure Container Service, including container orchestration with Azure Kubernetes Service. https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83214?source=sessions>

(2) Azure networking basics – Now that Tailwind Traders has decided to take the journey into the cloud, they need to understand how their applications and services communicate with each other, the internet, and on-premises networks. In this session, we cover the basics of Azure networking: what it is, how it differs from on-premises, and how to take full advantage of its capabilities. We then learn how the virtual machines in your new network can communicate with each other over the internet and our on-premises network, using Virtual Network Peering, site-to-site VPN, and Azure ExpressRoute. Finally, we discuss how you to optimize, using Azure Traffic Manager.  <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83202?source=sessions>

(3) Discovering Azure tooling and utilities – Microsoft Azure allows you to build your applications with the full power and resilience of the cloud. But, how do you do that? In this session, we show you the tools that Tailwind Traders uses on a daily basis, including the Visual Studio Code editor and its Azure extension. We also introduce you to the Azure Cloud Shell, which allows you to work with Azure resources – without the need for the Portal. Finally, we show you how Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates save you time and help you automate infrastructure, reducing the chance of errors that come with manual human input. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83203?source=sessions>

(3) Mark Russinovich Presents the Future of Cloud Native Applications with OAM and dapr Join Azure CTO, Mark Russinovich, for a view on the future of app development and deployment. Mark explains and shows the future direction of defining and deploying applications with Open Application Model (OAM) and rudr, allowing application developers and operators to write and describe apps that are deploy-able across different infrastructures. He will also introduce and demonstrate the new distributed application runtime (dapr) project, which helps developers write scalable, resilient code through microservice building blocks. Mark will be showcasing these new projects in his talk through a variety of on-stage demos.   <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82059?source=sessions>

(4) Deployment practices for greater reliability _ How software gets delivered to production and how infrastructure gets provisioned have a direct, material impact on your environment’s reliability. In this session, explore delivery and provisioning best practices that Tailwind Traders uses to prevent incidents before they happen. From the discussion and demos, you’ll take away blueprints for these practices, an understanding of how they can be implemented using Azure, and ideas to apply them to your own apps and organization. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82999?source=sessions>

(5) Windows container and the Azure Kubernetes Service Learn how to leverage Windows container and Azure Kubernetes Services to lift and shift your Windows Server applications to the cloud and optimize your business’s digital transformation. We will lightly touch upon the basics of Windows container and Azure Kubernetes Service. Then we’ll walk you through the E2E experience with demos from deployment to management. We’ll also share learnings from customers to help you get started on your modernization journey. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82952?source=sessions>

(6) What’s new in Azure Storage – lot has changed in Azure Storage. In this session, we provide an overview of new announcements, highlights of this years new capabilities, as well as the hottest use cases for storage that customers have set up. We also highlight where we are headed from an architecture and capability viewpoint.  <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82846?source=sessions>

(7) Building serverless web applications in Azure Learn how to build web apps without managing web servers in Azure. Run interactive web client code in the browser with JavaScript or Blazor front-ends and extend with powerful serverless API back-ends. Go from repo to cloud quickly with low cost, high performance, and dynamic scale. Bring microservices design patterns to your web solutions with modular and extensible serverless architecture. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81606?source=sessions>

(8) Azure and the command line – options, tips and tricks If you love working from the command line, this session covers all the things you need to know to get the most out of the experience on Windows, Mac, and Linux. We start with Windows command line, then the new Terminal, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Then, we cover some interesting developments in the Azure Cloud Shell and show you how you can work with command line options in Visual Studio Code. By the end of this 15 minute session you’ll have some new and interesting ways to control the cloud from your keyboard!<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83220?source=sessions>

(9) What’s new in Azure Compute – Curious to know more about the new Azure Compute services (IaaS) and features that Microsoft recently brought to market? It has been another amazing year for Microsoft Azure, and our Azure Compute portfolio continues to expand. In this session we review recent announcements, highlight important additions to the Azure virtual machine portfolio and platform in the areas of availability, resilience, and cost optimization. Join us to discover where we plan to invest next and share your thoughts to influence our decisions <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82909?source=sessions>

(10) Azure tips and tricks: Become more productive with Microsoft Azure Join this fast-paced, demo-heavy session, which takes you through some long-standing favorite Azure tips and tricks (http://azuredev.tips) since the series started. Whether you’re interested in learning quick ways to navigate the Azure Portal, making the most of the Azure CLI, or working with IDE and editors, there’s something for everyone. Spend the time now to shave hours off of your coding tasks tomorrow<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83958?source=sessions>

(11) Imposter Syndrome banishing spell – Do any of these statements resonate with you? • I’m not as good as the people around me • Oh that good thing that happened? It was dumb luck. I was in the right place at the right time • There was a mistake in the process and I slipped in under the radar • Who am I to write that screenplay/give that talk/volunteer for that thing? • Any minute now, someone is going to point at me and say YOU ARE SO NOT QUALIFIED TO DO THIS You’re not alone! According to research, about 70% of the people around you feel this Imposter Syndrome at some point or another…including Sheryl Sandberg, Maya Angelou and Neil Armstrong (yes, first person on the moon, Neil Armstrong). <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81706?source=sessions>

(12) A Cloud Native Approach to Securing Applications built with IaaS and PaaS IaaS and PaaS have vastly simplified application development and deployment – ushering a new era of “cloud native” security tools that aim to keep pace. Unfortunately, organizations are still stranded with multiple, disparate tools that fail to share context across infrastructure, PaaS services, users, development platforms, data, and application workloads. Learn how Palo Alto Networks has taken a deeply integrated approach to protecting the full stack and lifecycle – enabling enterprises to operate even the most dynamic, distributed cloud environments with confidence. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84472?source=sessions>

(13) How to stay skilled in a cloud-based world This session will help the traditional IT administrator and developer to understand the need to constantly update their skills. The cloud computing world has changed that. In the Microsoft world, developers release code and features weekly. Come to this short session to gain hints and tips from Ed Baker, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (Enterprise Mobility), and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (Regional Lead for the UK) on how he keeps up to date and how important it is to do so.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/78540?source=sessions>

(14) The big serverless announcements for Microsoft Ignite – Join the azure functions team as we showcase all the latest and greatest updates for building serverless apps in Azure. New capabilities, language updates, flexible hosting, and more to help you build cloud scale apps more efficiently than ever before! For more information on Azure Functions head over to https://aka.ms/IntrotoAzure. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89314?source=sessions>

(15) Five simple steps for building an effective personal brand- Growing your career is a multi-faceted strategy, and building a brand can be a critical component to this strategy. MVP Josh Blalock shares his five simple steps for building an effective and meaningful personal brand, including his own experiences with building a brand in a niche technology area of focus.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/78779?source=sessions>

(16) The latest updates on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) lets you run your favorite Linux command line tools, utilities, and applications directly on Windows. A large number of developers use WSL to complete their Linux workflows on their Windows machines, and this experience is about to get even better with the latest version: WSL2. Learn about these exciting updates with the members of the WSL team! For more information on WSL head over to https://aka.ms/LearnonDocs and search how to install, run and maintain your favorite Linux command line tools. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89311?source=sessions>

(17)Building out scale applications with Azure Virtual Machines Scale Sets Learn how to architect and deploy applications using Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS). Increase control, define policies, scale your Azure infrastructure resources to match your business and IT requirements. Develop robust and dynamic applications. Tap into the breadth of the Microsoft Azure portfolio to deploy your apps at scale with Shared Image Gallery using VMSS capabilities like automatic OS image upgrades and autoscaling.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82911?source=sessions>

(18) I know what you did last project (common mistakes we make in Azure) – One of major benefits of Microsoft Azure is vast number of services we can choose from. But huge amount of services can create problems like what service to choose in specific situations or what to avoid. Do we select IaaS or PaaS? Or maybe go serverless? What type of database do we choose? Azure SQL, Managed Instance, or something else? And when to go with Azure Cosmos DB? Based on years of experience and hundreds of projects, this session shares do’s and don’ts when designing your solutions in Azure. Avoid usual traps and create rock solid applications in cloud!<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/78216?source=sessions>

(19) Key concepts on how to build high performance, highly available applications in the cloud – Building high performance applications in the cloud requires deploying them across multiple locations to reduce latency for users and ensure high availability should a failure occur in one location. When building distributed applications it is important to understand something called PACELC theorem which says you cannot provide both high availability and maintain consistent data should a failure occur. It also says that even in normal conditions, you also cannot have both consistent data and low latency at the same time. In this interview Mark talks about these concepts so people understand how to design their applications to ensure it meets their needs for high availability, fast performance, and consistent data. Learn more at https://aka.ms/IntrotoAzure <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89316?source=sessions>

(20) What’s next for cloud native development and operations – Join Brendan Burns (co-creator of Kubernetes and Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft) and Gabe Monroy (Director of PM for the Azure Application Platform) for a discussion on the latest industry trends in cloud native development and operations. Learn about AKS, Functions on Kubernetes, GitOps, containers on the edge, and the latest innovations in developer tooling. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89313?source=sessions>

(21) Modernize your applications and infrastructure in 20 minutes – Join us for this lightning 20-minute talk and learn how you can transition from old hardware and underutilized VMs, and migrate your applications and infrastructure to containers and Kubernetes running on Azure Stack HCI solutions from Lenovo. We tackle the tremendous amount of inconsistencies in the programming languages used to develop applications, with Windows being a big component, and the complex infrastructures to support these applications. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/87747?source=sessions>

(22) How raising diverse children positively changed my life (and my career) – The story of an IT professional surviving the industry while juggling raising a neuro diverse and a trans child alone. How this difficult journey positively shaped his life and his career. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/79848?source=sessions>

(23) Fly, fly, fly my darling: Serverless-like data analysis system case based on solution for drones How to construct serverless-like data analysis system? This session is dedicated to solution architects who need to industrialize the existing data analysis system’s maximum cost efficiency. The session is based on real-world case of customer Altametris, for whom was used Azure Container Instances and Azure Logic Apps for Drone Camera and LIDAR Analysis in the cloud.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/80696?source=sessions>

(24) Exiting the echo chamber: Expand your influencers and influence When doing initial planning for a new user group or community, much thought is given to how to attract like-minded individuals, but this doesn’t necessarily attract a broader audience that can share alternative perspectives. Head along to this short session to see how a different approach changed one Sydney based user group, and allowed more sharing across a more diverse set of people and experiences. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81100?source=sessions>

(25) Rise of the Klintwalker – A Panel discussion on developer life There is no manual in life. It is scary, but it also means you can play by your own rules. Digesting what life throws at you and knowing what to focus on, what to disregard and what to burn with fire is hard. Join this panel discussion on developer life, including ups, downs, unforeseen opportunities and first-hand experiences. Lars asks the panel of developer veterans to share all of the nuggets of wisdom and advise from success, failure, and amazing opportunities. Learn from their mistakes. They want you to succeed and this session might just be the mint in your mojito, the pineapple on your pizza or whatever it is you need in life to push you further <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/80304?source=sessions>

(26) Get the help you need with Azure support plans Whether you’re new to Azure or a cloud expert already deploying business-critical workloads, Azure support plans offer a variety of options to meet your needs. In this session, we provide an overview of the available plans and the benefits included in each, from a plan optimized for developers, to production workloads, business-critical functions, and beyond. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84282?source=sessions>

(27) Discovering Microsoft Azure – New developers at Tailwind Traders have a saying about learning our technology platform: “it’s like drinking from a firehose.” Indeed, learning all Microsoft Azure services can seem overwhelming – especially if you’re unfamiliar with Azure or the cloud in general. In this session, we start at the beginning, introducing Azure and the core concepts that are foundational to our cloud platform. We start with a discussion of what cloud computing is and what Azure offers you and your team. We then take a look at basic services and features, setting up an account and subscription along the way. Finally, we tour the Azure Portal and do a quick overview of the resources available and what they do. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83201?source=sessions>

(28) Visual Studio Code tips and tricks – Visual Studio Code is a free editor that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. We show how you can supercharge your workflow with some of our favorite editor customizations, time-saving extensions, debugging tips, and even how to do remote development in remote VMs, Docker containers, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81613?source=sessions>

(29) Azure and the command line – options, tips and tricks –If you love working from the command line, this session covers all the things you need to know to get the most out of the experience on Windows, Mac, and Linux. We start with Windows command line, then the new Terminal, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Then, we cover some interesting developments in the Azure Cloud Shell and show you how you can work with command line options in Visual Studio Code. By the end of this 15 minute session you’ll have some new and interesting ways to control the cloud from your keyboard! <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83220?source=sessions>

(30) Lifecycle of a Java app from initial deployment to running in production using Terraform and Ansible In this session, learn best practices for using open source tools to manage the full lifecycle of your Java applications in an enterprise Kubernetes (AKS) environment. Using configuration and infrastructure-as-code such as Ansible and Terraform, developers can focus on their application code. This demo-heavy session shows developers how to stand up the environment required by their Java application; quickly deploy their application code and move it to production <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83978?source=sessions>

(31) Diagnosing issues with live cloud applications in Microsoft Azure –In this talk we demonstrate how Azure can help you fix issues impacting your live sites faster. We start in Visual Studio and move into the Azure Portal, if your .NET app is running on Azure App Services, Azure Kubernetes Service, or Azure Virtual Machine and is having a functional issue we’ve got a strategy that can help you. The talk includes demos of the Snapshot debugger, Time Travel Debugging, and more  <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/85023?source=sessions>

(32) How to stream technical content on YouTube: Complete guide for the beginners. In just 20 minutes, get answers to all of your questions around how to stream video, and get ready to go create and stream technical content for educational, presentations, and knowledge sharing purposes. Session contains necessary equipment review, tips and tricks, possible issues. If you want to start quality streaming in minutes without significant investments in the hardware – you must visit this session.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/80160?source=sessions>

(33) Create Linux apps from your Windows PC with Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code’s remote development extensions enable you to develop and debug code in remote environments, including Linux-based environments like WSL and Docker. In this session, learn how to get set up to edit and debug web services running natively on Linux inside WSL as well as Docker, using Visual Studio Code on a Windows machine. Also, see how to extend this capability – working against a remote Linux VM hosted in Azure, while maintaining a snappy, local-feeling development experience<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83975?source=sessions>

(34) Modernize your applications and infrastructure in 20 minutes –Join us for this lightning 20-minute talk and learn how you can transition from old hardware and underutilized VMs, and migrate your applications and infrastructure to containers and Kubernetes running on Azure Stack HCI solutions from Lenovo. We tackle the tremendous amount of inconsistencies in the programming languages used to develop applications, with Windows being a big component, and the complex infrastructures to support these applications. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/87747?source=sessions>

(35) Developing cloud-native, worry-free applications in Azure It should be clear that software development has taken a huge leap over the past decade, and that is undoubtedly due to the unmatched advancements in platforms readily available for developers to incorporate into their apps. But in a world which consistently keeps coming up with new buzzwords, how do you decide what you should choose from developer containers, serverless apps, bots, edge modules, and more? Join this theater session for a quick walk around the available capabilities in Azure for developing first-class Azure citizens which take advantage of the full power of Azure services. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/78768?source=sessions>

(36) Lifecycle of a Java app from initial deployment to running in production using Terraform and Ansible – In this session, learn best practices for using open source tools to manage the full lifecycle of your Java applications in an enterprise Kubernetes (AKS) environment. Using configuration and infrastructure-as-code such as Ansible and Terraform, developers can focus on their application code. This demo-heavy session shows developers how to stand up the environment required by their Java application; quickly deploy their application code and move it to production. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83978?source=sessions>

(37) What’s next for cloud native development and operations – Join Brendan Burns (co-creator of Kubernetes and Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft) and Gabe Monroy (Director of PM for the Azure Application Platform) for a discussion on the latest industry trends in cloud native development and operations. Learn about AKS, Functions on Kubernetes, GitOps, containers on the edge, and the latest innovations in developer tooling. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89313?source=sessions>

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Ignite 2019 – Wednesday session #mywatchlist #todo

(1) Figuring out Azure Functions

Tailwind Traders is curious about the concept behind “serverless” computing – the idea that they can run small pieces of code in the cloud, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. In this session, we cover the world of Azure Functions, starting with an explanation of the servers behind serverless, exploring the languages and integrations available, and ending with a demo of when to use Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow.

From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83218?source=sessions>

(2) Moving your database to Azure

Northwind kept the bulk of its data in an on-premises data center, which hosted servers running both SQL Server and MongoDB. After the acquisition, Tailwind Traders worked with the Northwind team to move their data center to Azure. In this session, see how to migrate an on-premises MongoDB database to Azure Cosmos DB and SQL Server database to an Azure SQL Server. From there, walk through performing the migration and ensuring minimal downtime while you switch over to the cloud-hosted providers. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82989?source=sessions>

(3) Migrating web applications to Azure

When Tailwind Traders acquired Northwind earlier this year, they decided to consolidate their on-premises applications with Tailwind Traders’ current applications running on Azure. Their goal: vastly simplify the complexity that comes with an on-premises installation. In this session, examine how a cloud architecture frees you up to focus on your applications, instead of your infrastructure. Then, see the options to “lift and shift” a web application to Azure, including: how to deploy, manage, monitor, and backup both a Node.js and .NET Core API, using Virtual Machines and Azure App Service. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82988?source=sessions>

(4) Azure Portal: 10 tips to get more out of Azure

If you’re new to Azure or a seasoned Azure user, come learn everything that’s new in the Azure Portal to be more productive managing Azure resources. We also walk you through tips and tricks for creating and managing your resources efficiently. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84100?source=sessions>

(5) Debugging and interacting with production applications

Now that Tailwind Traders is running fully on Azure, the developers must find ways to debug and interact with the production applications with minimal impact and maximal efficiency. Azure comes with a full set of tools and utilities that can be used to manage and monitor your applications. In this session, see how streaming logs work to monitor the production application in real time. We also talk about deployment slots that enable easy A/B testing of new features and show how Snapshot Debugging can be used to live debug applications. From there, we explore how you can use other tools to manage your websites and containers live. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82991?source=sessions>

(6) .NET platform overview and roadmap

Join Scott Hunter and Scott Hanselman as they talk about the present and future of .NET. Come see the latest updates in .NET Core 3.1 and how you can be more productive building intelligent applications that run on any platform. Learn about the latest Windows desktop support, features for building better web apps and microservices, and much more. Also, see what the future has in store with .NET 5. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81592?source=sessions>

(7) Why you should care about containers and how to get started

A lot has been said about containers recently, but why should you care? Containers is not an “all or nothing” situation and understanding when they can be beneficial is key to a successful implementation. Come and learn from the containers team how you can get started with this technology and some tips and tricks that will help you in your containerization journey! From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89324?source=sessions>

(8) Deploy apps to Kubernetes using CI/CD in 20 minutes

With 20 minutes on the clock, can you go from code in a Git repo, to containers running on a Kubernetes cluster, all while following some best practices? Join this demo-driven session to see how you can use Azure Pipelines to create your build and release pipelines as code, build containers and deploy them to Azure Kubernetes Service.

From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83971?source=sessions>

(9) Five powerful tips to make the most of your mentor/mentee relationship

Mentors have a powerful impact in the workplace, but relationships don’t always go as we envisioned. Whether you are looking for your first mentor or you want to help someone else, you may find the process frustrating. Mentoring is more than just telling someone what to do, it requires the ability to understand the mentee and their goals. As the mentee it requires showing up prepared and having some kind of idea what you want to achieve. How do you find the right mentor? How can you prepare to be coached when you’re not sure what you want? What can you do to ensure you get the most out of your mentoring relationship? We talk success strategies and ways you can find the right mentoring relationship to bring out the best in both of you. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/78900?source=sessions>

(10) Building event driven apps with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

Users expect modern apps to offer event-driven, real-time experiences. In this demo-packed session, learn how to build event-driven apps using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions. Learn how to subscribe to changes in Azure Cosmos DB collections and trigger logic in real time without needing to manage any servers. Understand real-world use cases in multi-billion dollar industries, ranging from retail, IoT, gaming, and more. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/79933?source=sessions>

(11) Azure CLI Deep Dive for Developers, DevOps and Architects

Are you a developer or architect who likes to discover, prototype and experiment with the cloud using a command line? Are you a DevOps professional who want to automate deployments using your tool of choice like GitHub, Jenkins, etc? In this session, we’ll deep dive into how you can use the Azure CLI for these scenarios separately and together. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/85030?source=sessions>

(12) Building enterprise capable serverless applications

Industry and customer needs push enterprises to innovate and modernize their applications at a faster rate than ever before. Serverless solutions are a clear and natural choice for such demand due its proven developer productivity gains. However enterprises also require using services that can respond to their critical needs around: networking, security, performance, DevOps, ability to run on-premises and compatibility with industry standards (e.g. Kubernetes). In this session we explore how serverless development with the Azure platform helps satisfy all these requirements. We go over details of enterprise scenarios, such as resource automation, highlighting premium capabilities in Azure Functions and other Azure services. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81605?source=sessions>

(13) Staying up to date with the Microsoft Azure roadmap

Cloud services like Azure are evolving faster and unlike any other technology we use today. However, as a technologist responsible for helping your organization keep up with this pace of change and make sense of it all, it is easy to be overwhelmed. In this session, the Azure Service Operations team shares how we track, manage, and communicate change – so you can stay ahead of new capabilities, changes, and deprecations in Azure.  From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83896?source=sessions>

(14) Career skills: IT pro to cloud pro – strap on your jetpack!

With Azure, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Security, Windows Autopilot, and Microsoft Intune, the hottest topics in IT today, you need to seriously up your game. We are seeing a seismic shift towards the cloud and IT professionals need the skills to embrace the cloud, collaboration, and mobility. Join cloud professional and career mentor Andrew Bettany, MCT, MVP and author to outline the key skill areas that you must embrace to succeed.From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/79810?source=sessions>

(15) Breaking the mold: The tech career journey guide

The world of years past is no more. We all live in a world of change from technology to our personal lives. Change is the only thing that is constant. Technology is changing so fast and with that comes challenges, especially when we think of careers and the journey you go through. Roles change, outsourcing and downsizing followed by increasing use of cloud services has definitely disrupted this industry. What is a person to do, take the BLUE or RED pill? Join this session as we discuss current challenges for professionals today and the steps you can take for your career journey. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83489?source=sessions>

(16) Azure architecture framework: How to leverage it to improve your workloads

Evaluate your workload against the five pillars of the Azure architecture framework (resiliency, scalability, cost, security, and operations). Come learn how you can leverage this powerful framework to improve your workloads to meet your business needs. With a concrete demo using one of the reference architectures published in the Azure Architecture Center, we highlight how it can be improved and why certain decisions were made. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/87490?source=sessions>

(17) Deploy an app in Azure Kubernetes and App Services with MySQL

Come and join us to see how easy it is to quickly deploy a web scale application leveraging the tight integration between Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Database for MySQL, App Services, and Azure Database for MySQL. We share tips and tricks for how to get the best performance and most secure setup for your applications. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83538?source=sessions>

(18) Microservices and cloud native: Standard Bank’s DevOps journey

At Standard Bank we’re always exploring new technologies, and we’ve deployed two separate apps in the insurance space built using microservices and relying on many Azure services. However, the real hero in our digital transformation journey was Azure DevOps. We look at how we used Azure Pipelines and other DevOps services on Azure to build and deploy our apps. This includes App Center (for building and distributing Kotlin, Swift, and React Native apps), and infrastructure-as-code with Azure Pipelines and ARM to automate our infra and app deployments. We also explain how Azure DevOps has had a positive effect on our working environment, boosting team confidence, and why we feel it is the ideal platform for us moving forward. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83987?source=sessions>

(19) How to use automation for Linux workloads deployment on Azure

Automation is a life saver for IT implementers and site reliability engineers. A good configuration could save time and energy while maintaining the best performance possible for all your pipelines. Join the Azure Customer Support team to hear about best practices on how to use Terraform + Ansible to deploy your Linux workloads running on Azure, easliy connect services that matter and reduce manual work and overhead. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81978?source=sessions>

(20) Streaming data with Azure Event Hubs and Kafka

Come learn about the newest Azure Event Hubs support for Kafka, enabling both fully-managed and open-source streaming solutions.

From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83937?source=sessions>

(21) Keep on learning and look ten years younger!


Bill Ayers – Flow Simulation Ltd.

IT and development is seen by many as being a young man’s game and we’ve done a lot to encourage women which is great, but there’s also a stigma around age and an expectation that you have to move into management as your career progresses. But not everybody is suited to that. So how to stay relevant and keep track of constantly changing technology? See strategies around learning and keeping up-to-date using resources like Microsoft Learn and certification. And if you find yourself in a non-technical role there’ll be some pointers about how to get back into technology.

(22) Nine-and-a-half years without certification

We love what we do – but many of us don’t love exams, and many of us perform our day-to-day roles or have gone through our professional lives without ever getting certified. Is certification necessary for our success? Learn why certification is necessary for long-term career development, why we must consistently challenge workplace cultures where certification is not valued and why we must deconstruct and challenge our own reasons for not owning our continuing professional development. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/78972?source=sessions>

(23) Mentoring: Is it your most powerfull networking tool?

Mentorship, whether that be as a mentor or as a mentee, is perhaps one of the single most important things that one can look to do as part of undertaking long-term career improvements. Come and learn a bit more about what mentorships can entail, both as a mentor or as a mentee and just how simple and easy it can be to get started.

From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/80806?source=sessions>

(24) Bring the performance of your Azure applications to the next level

The combination of proximity placement groups, generation 2 Azure VMs, Azure Ultra Disks, pre-provisioning services and ephemeral OS disks can bring the performance of your applications to the next level. Choosing the right Azure VM and taking advantage of Azure Advisor recommendations gives you additional ways to get the most out of Azure IaaS for your workloads. This engaging session demonstrates practical ways to significantly improve the performance of your Azure applications. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82916?source=sessions>

(25) Optimize Azure spend while maximizing cloud potential

Learn how Microsoft has migrated 94% of its workloads to Azure and how we’re optimizing our cloud spend from Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO)—the experts who build, deploy, and operate the systems that run the Microsoft enterprise. This group provides the networking, infrastructure, and services for Microsoft’s line-of-business teams and in this session, hear what we’ve learned along the way and how we’ve matured our cost governance model from reactive to proactive. We share practical guidance to optimize your cloud spend while maximizing your cloud potential. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84625?source=sessions>

(26) Java on Azure: Building Spring Boot microservices

Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are the de-facto choices for many companies building microservices, using Java. In this session, we share our best practices and tools to go from development to production using Spring Boot and Azure, with a specific focus on microservices configuration, resiliency and scalability in the cloud. We also cover monitoring and security and discuss how Spring Boot applications can scale and handle failure on Azure. If you are thinking about building microservices, this is a session you don’t want to miss.

From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81594?source=sessions>

(27) What best practices are used in Azure when deploying changes?

Azure services get frequent updates to bring features and fixes. Azure teams follow best practices that help us reduce the risk of deploying changes. In this chat we discuss how Azure deploys updates, share the learnings we had along the way, and talk about what steps we are taking to start sharing our internal processes and tooling with our customers. From <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89336?source=sessions>

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Ignite 2019 – Thursday session #mywatchlist #todo

(1) A Quickstart for Terraform in Azure Embracing any new technology is a journey of learning and experimentation. To help make this easier, Microsoft and HashiCorp have partnered to create a set of QuickStart Templates for using Terraform in Azure. In this session you’ll hear from both Microsoft and HashiCorp about what’s newly available as well as best practices to follow when using Terraform in Azure, including state management, secrets, CI/CD and more. Session is held in the immersive multi-screen Microsoft Technology Center Envisioning Center in The Hub. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/87565?source=sessions>

(2) Accelerate cloud migration and innovation: How to quickly deploy existing data and software to the cloud Migrating to the cloud and driving meaningful innovation can be overwhelming, but leveraging Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace, you can simplify the entire migration process – from discovering tools, technology, and services to help you migrate, to leveraging deployment options for fast procurement and implementation. Utilize free trials, pay as you go consumption, annual licenses, custom offers, and the ability to leverage your on premise licenses to test, learn, scale, and migrate. Innovation at the pace of cloud. Join us to learn how. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/87367?source=sessions>

(3) Applying best practices to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) This is the perfect session if you want to boost your confidence in operationalizing best practices for cluster management and high availability on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). We dive into the tools, features, and best practices we learned from deep customer engagements. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81598?source=sessions>

(4) Architecting a scalable commercial SaaS application Join us for this technical session outlining a framework to create a SaaS solution. The session covers general approaches to architecting SaaS solutions, dealing with customer security and compliance requirements, and platform capabilities needed to develop key SaaS enablement, including user management, usage metering, SKU management and customer provisioning as well as onboarding your SaaS app to Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/87366?source=sessions>

(5) Azure updates: Learn how we update Microsoft Azure and how you can increase control for your environment  Our commitment in Azure is to keep the infrastructure that hosts your VMs secure, performing at its best, resilient, and up to date with new features. In this session we share the processes we follow to rollout changes safely to our fleet. We also share the features that provide you different levels of control to apply these updates, especially for sensitive applications. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84123?source=sessions>

(6) Building web services with gRPC With gRPC’s introduction to .NET Core, .NET developers can now reap the benefits of using protobuf to create RPC endpoints and service clients that can communicate bi-directionally or via streaming constructs using gRPC. Since gRPC is an open standard, there are a variety of tools available for virtually every development framework, so you can build service layers – and clients – that are easily interoperable between platforms and ecosystems. In this session, learn see how to create gRPC-enabled applications using .NET and the Visual Studio family of tools. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/87760?source=sessions>

(7) Cloud native applications with .NET Core and Azure Kubernetes Service With the latest version of .NET Core, its now easier than ever to build microservices and cloud native applications. In this demo-filled session, learn about the latest features, architecture, and support for building enterprise-grade solutions with C#, .NET Core, and Azure Kubernetes Service.  https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81608?source=sessions>

(8) Deliver highly available and secure web applications with Azure Application Gateway and Web Application Firewall (WAF) Join us as we deep dive into layer 7 load balancing for modern web applications using Azure Application Gateway and Web Application Firewall (WAF). We cover new capabilities for configuring scalable and secure Ingress Controllers for your containerized applications on Azure AKS clusters, as well as WAF TLS policy advancements, which will dramatically increase your performance and customization options when securing your internet applications. We also walk through exciting new feature announcements and roadmap for the Application Gateway stack, targeting new scenarios for enterprise applications.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82945?source=sessions>

(9) Database modernization best practices and lessons learned Are you interested in modernizing your database platform to achieve breakthrough performance, maintain security and compliance, and optimize your data infrastructure? In this session, we take a detailed look at the migration life cycle and modernization best practices. We share stories and learnings from customer who already migrated. We also cover most commonly seen migration blocking scenarios and demonstrate how our migration service can unlock your migration to Azure. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81155?source=sessions>

(10) Dapr – Distributed Application Runtime – An event-driven, portable runtime for building microservices on cloud and edge. Dapr empowers developers to build distributed applications using any language or framework. Join members of the Dapr team to learn more about this OSS project, what you can do with this today, and its future direction. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89441?source=sessions>

(11) Empower yourself through personal branding: How a shy introvert turned awkwardness into confidence How do you want the world to see you? ​Through personal branding, you have the power to define just that. Tell the world who you are instead of letting them fill in the blanks where the information is missing. ​ Whether your goals are finding a new job, getting recognized for your technical skills, or becoming a world-famous author, investing in your personal brand is the first step in setting yourself up for success. ​Cathrine Wilhelmsen went from being a shy introvert who always felt socially awkward, to becoming a Microsoft MVP with the confidence to start speaking internationally. Join her as she shares how she built her personal brand over several years – and redefined herself in the process. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83527?source=sessions>

(12) Event-based automation across hybrid environments using PowerShell in Azure Functions As customers start to move their workloads to the cloud, it becomes important to deliver a consistent automation solution that works against your existing infrastructure and management systems, both on-premises and in Azure. In this session, we discuss the just released support for PowerShell in Azure Functions and how this can be used to deliver event-based automation by seamlessly connecting to on-premises systems and those deployed in Azure. Learn how to bring your existing PowerShell knowledge to the cloud and take advantage of PowerShell 6, as well as best practices on architecture and solutions to successfully deliver on-demand services through automation. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83961?source=sessions>

(13) Finding needles in data haystacks: Protecting sensitive information Information professionals today are faced with the challenge of dealing with personally identifiable information (PII) in collections of unstructured text. Whether it’s customer data, electronic health records, loan applications, or even e-mail and chat messages, practitioners need access to new tools that allow them to find, manage, and safeguard PII. In this talk, we show how new features in text analytics can be used to help safeguard sensitive data and reduce the compliance burden for managing PII. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81080?source=sessions>

(14) How to integrate PaaS, Serverless and Intranet applications to build resilient systems using Azure Event Grid Join Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operation (CSEO) – the experts who build, deploy and operate the systems that run Microsoft – to learn how we have used Azure Event Grid as a messaging service to synchronize status changes between Intranet applications and Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) micro services. This session is ideal for developers who want to learn how to design for self-healing capabilities using Azure Event Grid. We will walk through how we have applied this approach to implement price changes on Microsoft products and ensure the changes are properly reflected and managed across all systems. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84727?source=sessions>

(15) How DNV GL uses Kubernetes for machine learning and enterprise-wide microservice oriented apps  DNV GL has leveraged the flexibility and elasticity of Kubernetes to build a machine learning (ML) platform to efficiently roll out new applications in production systems, boosting the core business of managing risk by inspections and certification of assets, designs, and processes. Learn about the challenges and pain points of adopting Kubernetes in a controlled environment and core experiences related to security, monitoring support, and DevOps processes that have given DNV GL the experience needed for migrating large-scale systems to Kubernetes.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81597?source=sessions>

(16) Java at Microsoft: All you need to know Since last Microsoft Ignite in 2018, a lot has happened here at Microsoft. In the Java space, major improvements to Azure and Visual Studio Code have enabled Java developers to achieve more and faster. New services have been added, and new features and performance improvements to the ones you already work with. Microsoft is making Azure the best cloud for Java developers. Come watch this panel to have a quick review of all the great things we built for you. You can always find more Java on Azure information at https://aka.ms/LearnonDocs. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89348?source=sessions>

(17) Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Seattle’s newest power couple Microsoft and Oracle recently announced a cloud interoperability partnership enabling customers to migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. You may be asking yourself: “Will I get more out of my current investment in Microsoft and Oracle? Will this allow me to migrate more of my mission-critical applications to the cloud? Will I be able to utilize this new capability to connect applications in Azure to Oracle’s Autonomous Database?” Spoiler alert: the answer is YES. Join Chinmay Joshi, Principal Product Manager, for a breakdown of this unprecedented partnership and learn how you can elevate your multi-cloud strategy. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/90475?source=sessions>

(18) How to integrate PaaS, Serverless and Intranet applications to build resilient systems using Azure Event Grid Join Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operation (CSEO) – the experts who build, deploy and operate the systems that run Microsoft – to learn how we have used Azure Event Grid as a messaging service to synchronize status changes between Intranet applications and Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) micro services. This session is ideal for developers who want to learn how to design for self-healing capabilities using Azure Event Grid. We will walk through how we have applied this approach to implement price changes on Microsoft products and ensure the changes are properly reflected and managed across all systems. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84727?source=sessions>

(19) Run your Linux workloads faster leveraging the Azure platform enhancements Join our platform engineering team to hear about the investments and tools we built and contributed upstream for low latency networking, RDMA over SRIOV, infiniband, low latency storage, large size VMs, and more! Learn about the joint collaboration we have across Red Hat, SUSE, and Canonical to make Linux runs great on Azure, and see how to enable these features in your production environment and make your workloads run smoother on Azure. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82921?source=sessions>

(20) Lessons learned running Linux-based workloads on Azure Every day, thousands of Azure customers launch a wide range of critical Linux-based workloads that go from ephemeral batch compute to long-running enterprise software packages. And they’re in good company, since over half the VMs on Azure run Linux today. But what about Day 2? What are the best practices that we can apply during the architecture and design phases? Come join us for a 3-way session where we will share how commercial partners (such as Red Hat), customer programs (such as FastTrack for SAP) and large teams at Microsoft all operate Linux-based workloads on Azure. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82922?source=sessions>

(21) Migrate your apps with Azure App Service Migration Have you ever wondered how to assess your application for cloud readiness? Have you ever found moving your app and data layer difficult and labor intensive? With App Service Migration Assistant, migrating .NET and PHP apps as well as migrating CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal to Azure is now easier than ever. App Service has built a first-party assessment and migration assistant that offers a step-by-step guided experience that assesses and then moves .NET and PHP applications to Azure App Service without the need to redeploy or refactor your code. The tool allows you to quickly and easily modernize a legacy application or move your preferred CMS platform to the cloud with ease. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82925?source=sessions>

(22) Serverless Kubernetes with Azure Functions and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Serverless and event-driven computing are enabling developers to build and run apps faster than ever before. Microsoft Azure provides flexible options on running serverless workloads to bring the benefits of serverless to every environment. This session showcases how Virtual Nodes, KEDA, and powerful tooling allow you to bring event-driven Azure Functions and containers to your Azure Kubernetes clusters for a flexible and productive app experience. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83959?source=sessions>

(23) The big serverless announcements for Microsoft Ignite Join the azure functions team as we showcase all the latest and greatest updates for building serverless apps in Azure. New capabilities, language updates, flexible hosting, and more to help you build cloud scale apps more efficiently than ever before! For more information on Azure Functions head over to https://aka.ms/IntrotoAzure. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/89314>

(24) Modernize .NET apps with serverless functions New hosting options and language features enable enterprise .NET applications to run as serverless functions. Whether it’s moving existing Windows services, building a .NET web application, or hosting cloud scale APIs, come learn how the latest .NET Core and Blazor apps run best when they run as Azure serverless apps. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83549>

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Ignite 2019 – Friday session #mywatchlist #todo

(1) Securing Azure IaaS virtual machines : In this session, learn the top five things that you can do to improve the security posture of your Azure IaaS VMs, including secure administration practices, security configuration management, as well as being notified of critical security events. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83221?source=sessions>

(2) The Modern Windows Command-Line: Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 : The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) community has given amazing feedback on how we can improve through platforms like Twitter, Github, and UserVoice. Our team has taken that feedback to heart. In this session, they’ll be showing off how the new WSL architecture will improve your development environment with faster file performance speed, Linux file access from Windows, better support for Linux applications, and more. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81325?source=sessions>

(3) Consolidating infrastructure with Azure Kubernetes Service:  Kubernetes is the open source container orchestration system that supercharges applications with scaling and reliability and unlocks advanced features, like A/B testing, Blue/Green deployments, canary builds, and dead-simple rollbacks. In this session, see how Tailwind Traders took a containerized application and deployed it to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of major Kubernetes concepts and how to put it all to use with industry standard tooling. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83033?source=sessions>

(4) Modernizing your application with containers  Tailwind Traders recently moved one of its core applications from a virtual machine into containers, gaining deployment flexibility and repeatable builds. In this session, learn how to manage containers for deployment, options for container registries, and ways to manage and scale deployed containers. Also, learn how Tailwind Traders uses Azure Key Vault service to store application secrets and make it easier for their applications to securely access business critical data.  https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83032?source=sessions

(5) Building resilient applications in Azure : In this session, learn how to easily build applications in Azure that are inherently resilient. Use Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS), Availability Sets, Availability Zones, highly available images with Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) accounts in regions that support Availability Zones with Shared Image Gallery. Take advantage of the SLA continuum that Azure offers, scheduled events, event grid, and more. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82913?source=sessions>

(5) Developing secure applications in Azure : Security is everyone’s responsibility and as a developer, it is critical that the code you write is secure, sensitive data is stored securely and not exposed to attack, and your applications are protected. In this session, we explore several Azure application scenarios and the DevSecOps principles and best practices you should apply to secure them. Join this session to get familiar with the services, tools, and methodologies to build secure applications on Azure <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81970?source=sessions>

(6) Azure Dedicated Host deep dive : With Azure Dedicated Host you can deploy your very own private cloud in Azure. Control the maintenance window, gain direct visibility over the underlying server infrastructure, and place your Azure VMs on a single tenant server to satisfy specific compliance or regulatory requirements without compromising your security posture. Join this session to explore and evaluate the use cases and workloads that can benefit from Azure Dedicated Host. https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82910?source=sessions

(7) Navigate common pitfalls encountered when containerizing Windows Server applications : Join us as we go step-by-step through the process of containerizing an especially gnarly Windows Server 2008 legacy .NET application. We demonstrate the common pitfalls and what you can do to overcome these challenges. There be dragons! https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83947?source=sessions

(8) Linux based web app development made easy on App Service App Service provides an easy on-ramp into Azure for Node.js, Python, Java, and PHP developers. Intrinsic build capabilities, SSH command line access, free SSL certificates, support for popular OSS frameworks, rich monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, virtual network integration and options to deploy your app as either source code or a Docker container, are all provided on an enterprise grade platform that scales with your business needs.<https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81602?source=sessions>

(9) 45 life hacks of the Windows OS in 45 minutes – 2019 edition Do you believe you know a lot about Windows but you would be eager to learn more? Sami Laiho, one of the world’s leading operating system experts, shows you 45 tips and tricks about the Windows OS that you didn’t even know existed! You will walk out thinking “How did I miss that for all these years!” Sami’s sessions were evaluated as the #1 and #2 Best Session at Microsoft Ignite 2018 so you can rest assured that you will learn a lot and have fun while doing it!  <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/78726?source=sessions>

(10) Use serverless technologies to manage your IT resources Managing cloud resources is increasingly becoming a challenge for IT organizations with the accelerated adoption of DevOps and digital transformation. Being able to retain high availability best practices, adhere to compliance requirements, and manage costs at the same time generates additional challenges. With the help of serverless technologies, you can increase automation and apply policies to cloud resources to simplify the management of your operations. Join us to learn how to use Event Grid, Azure Logic Apps and Functions to apply IT policies such as asset tagging, maintenance window scheduling, and disaster recovery schemas to your Azure resources. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/84320?source=sessions>

(11) Using Azure Web Application Firewall to protect your web applications and web APIs If you build web applications and APIs on Azure and want to protect them from common threats, exploits and volumetric attacks, this session is for you! Web application firewall (WAF) is the gold standard for protecting against malicious threats. In this session, learn best practices for securing your web applications and APIs with Azure’s cloud-native services. Build your own multi-layer application protection strategy to protect your Azure resources using Azure’s network and application security services. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/82947?source=sessions>

(12) Azure automation for managing servers across your environment This session is focused on helping IT optimize and automate server management for cloud and on-premises. We discuss the transition to cloud based services, review how IT can empower the teams to manage their workloads while providing guidance and governance, and walk through best practices and customer learnings. Last, we share our roadmap for the next evolution of server management. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81586?source=sessions>

(13) Taking your app to the next level with monitoring, performance, and scaling Making sense of application logs and metrics has been a challenge at Tailwind Traders. Some of the most common questions getting asked within the company are: “How do we know what we’re looking for? Do we look at logs? Metrics? Both?” Using Azure Monitor and Application Insights helps Tailwind Traders elevate their application logs to something a bit more powerful: telemetry. In session, learn how the team wired up Application Insights to their public-facing website and fixed a slow-loading home page. Then, we expand this concept of telemetry to determine how Tailwind Traders’ Azure Cosmos DB performance could be improved. Finally, we look into capacity planning and scale with powerful yet easy services like Azure Front Door. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/83006?source=sessions>

(14) Understand Azure Monitor data types and collection There are many ways to collect and ingest data to Azure Monitor. This session walks you through everything you need to understand how data flows from cloud and hybrid environments to Azure Monitor. Also, see the different data types you can use, and how to query them and build dashboards. <https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/80636?source=sessions>

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