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App_offline.htm in ASP.NET 2.0 – Explained in Scott blog

Src : Scott Blog

I was planning to break the news about the little-heard-of app_offline.htm feature in ASP.NET 2.0, but Erik beat me to it. J


Basically, if you place a file with this name in the root of a web application directory, ASP.NET 2.0 will shut-down the application, unload the application domain from the server, and stop processing any new incoming requests for that application.  ASP.NET will also then respond to all requests for dynamic pages in the application by sending back the content of the app_offline.htm file (for example: you might want to have a “site under construction” or “down for maintenance” message).


This provides a convenient way to take down your application while you are making big changes or copying in lots of new page functionality (and you want to avoid the annoying problem of people hitting and activating your site in the middle of a content update).  It can also be a useful way to immediately unlock and unload a SQL Express or Access database whose .mdf or .mdb data files are residing in the /app_data directory.


Once you remove the app_offline.htm file, the next request into the application will cause ASP.NET to load the application and app-domain again, and life will continue along as normal.


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Reporting Controls in VS 2005 Beta2

After tired of designing reports in Crystal reports…and also problem in hosting in server.
Today started researching on Reporting Controls in Visual Studio 2005 Beta2. But finally landed with billion dollar question…do we really need to have licensed sql 2005 for publishing reports in Web forms..???? I mean publishing reports in remote mode.
Some glimpse about Reports,
Local Mode, Remote mode, RDLC – report def.language for clients, So simple…but bit clumpsy in passing parameters.
if any worked with VS 2005 report publishing please clear my confusion..? how about licence for Reporing server..?
Reports tutorial at the following source:

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