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All about VISTA..!!

"Vista" means A (beautiful) view through an opening (Window?). Certainly
makes sense to me. Note that Vista is spelled as title case this means it is not
an acronym, it is just a name.
To read more about Windows Vista and the history of Windows, visit this
Wikipedia page.
This time there work of having a page on something in an encyclopedia within a
day is definitely super!!!
     Lots and lots of blogs are already started information about VISTA…!!!
Gudos to VISTA team..!!

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Microsoft Unveils Official Name – ‘Windows Vista’

Longhorn To Be Named ‘Windows Vista’ – Microsoft Unveils Official Name
* Activewin just posted that Windows codename Longhorn will be called Windows Vista. The official new name for the Longhorn operating system is Microsoft "Windows Vista", according to insider sources.
* The word ‘VISTA’ defined means "pleasing view."
* Beta 1 – Longhorn, or Windows Vista – by August 3
   Beta 2  – expected in early 2006
* Sources tell BetaNews Microsoft is also rallying the troops — MVPs and close partners — to gear up for the Beta 1 release.
 "Clear, Confident, Connected: Bringing clarity to your world." – LongHorn – Windows – Vista 🙂
Lets wait and see the Beta 1 release on August 1 week…

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Try Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 assessment test –!!


Discover now..!!!

(a) Introducing Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 for Database Administrators

to determine how much you know about the new features of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005.

(b) Introducing Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 for Database Developers

to determine how much you know about the new features of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005.

(c) Introducing Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 for Business Intelligence Developers

to determine how much you know about the new features of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005.


take assessment : http://assessment.learning.microsoft.com/test/home.asp

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Microsoft Certification – takes new road in September.!!!

Break news , Microsoft Certification takes New Road in September
 [* includes…MCSD, MCAD, MCDBA, MCSE, MCSA and MCP…]
Accoding to the news, Microsoft will introduce a new framework for certification that will pair up a credential with a skill-identifying certification based on a tiered approach consisting of the following credentials:
Tier 1: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Tier 2: Microsoft Certified IT Professional or Professional Developer
Tier 3: Microsoft Certified Architect
Microsoft currently has plans to provide an upgrade path for current MCDBAs on SQL Server 2003 to Microsoft
Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator.

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MS ISV Community Days – Lee Merdien,Bangalore

Recap of – MS ISV Community Days,Lee Merdien,Bangalore-

All about VS 2005 (SQL + ASP.NET + VS IDE )


Hmm, after a great event and presentation, I’m completly brain drained and no words to write..I feel great energy TODAY …YES

Here few important things i recovered from my diary.

I started using VS 2005 beta since this June 1’st.., so one month experience helped me to grab those concepts, slides and able to Visualize myself…but still few hidden concepts also learned regarding SQL 2005 and ASP.NET.

But as for VS 2005 is concerned i almost aware about new features….so i had a great time to visualize the DEMO and go ahead….

Here is the blog grows about ISV – Starts from 10.AM

10:00 AM – Welcome Note by Deepak Gulati (http://devfun.blogspot.com) "

Monad – new command line sheel for VS *Orcas – New version of Visual studio and Microsoft future roadmap…etc

10:30 AM – SQL Server 2005 for developers by Praveen Shirvastava(MVP)

Praveen started with clear picture & TOC of SQL 2005 and started listing one by one with interesting DEMO for each concepts.so overall great useful for DEVELOPERS perspective.

Audience fired few interesting queries, so it was a very good session so for all…well packed with good strength of 230 developers…

Here is the few important things to be considered,


(1) |SQL Server 2005 – featues * new |

|Reporting service,OLAP,Notification Services,DTS,Replication services,Relation DB|


(2) Best uses of SQLCLR Computations Functions, Scalar functions, Streaming table values using Sql reader

 I – Large computation (close to DB) – SQL CLR (day to day DB programmers easier)

II – Bunch of Join, Cursor – TSQL

 For simple CRUD commands say create,rename,update and delete – Not suggestable to use SQL CLR

 (3) XML in SQL ?

*Send and receive as XML

*Deal XML directly in the data table

*Xquery support

 *We can define XML as – column, Variable, stored proc

(4) CTE – Common table Expressions – for recursive calculations

Temp named resultset Replacement with subquery Can be used with select/insert/update/delete Starts with ‘WITH’ PIVOT – turns rows into columns (bunch of columns) and UNPIVOT the same

(5) Ranking and Windowing Functions : Row Number,Rank,Dense rank,NTILE(n) Ranking –Ordering , Windowing

(6) Output clause returns automatic output shows the user what data is updated or deleted

(7) Handling exceptions

@@Error set on each statement


11:45 AM – What’s new in Windows Forms in Visual Studio 2005 by Deepak gulati

*Deployment with ClickOnce – upload to file server, FTP Robust downloader & Installer Auto checking new updates etc..

*New controls Menustrip, Splitcontainer, tablelayout, binding source, backgroundworker, flow layout, toolstrip

*Forms code – using partial class [ design code + generated code ]

*Deployment – System.deployment

*App.config – read and write (app.settings)

1:00 PM – Lunch Break

2:15 PM – What’s new in Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 by Deepak gulati

ASP.NET notable concepts

*Datasource controls, Master page, Themes, – stored inside master folder Security – Membership,Login controls, Role mgmt, create user wizard Web parts – weather, stock, customization, personalixation Health monitoring – perfcounters Localisation- etc..

* Data controls – Gridview – like the datagrid Details view – companion to grid view Datasource, DatasourceID DATAGRID – select, delete, update –very simple to use

*Automatic file compilation

*Precompilation – AXD, dll

*Cross page posting – pages can now post back to other pages, Control.postbackurl Previous.inputBox.text

3:45 PM – Registration for Hands on ISV Lab

And also moving today for hands on lab @ 3 PM –5PM Address : People skill learning pvt ltd,#181, II’nd floor, Amarjothi layout,Ring road, Dumlur Apart from this I got E-book on CD- A first look @ SQL server 2005 for developers – addison wesley publication…good one.

Few URLS shared during this presenations are,


http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/vs2005 http://www.microsoft.com/india/msdn/isvcommunitydays/presentations.aspx

( PPT files available here )


Comments about yesterdays event or about this topic greatly welcomed…Catch u all with more stuff…unti stay tuned….

Mahe~ before my lunch

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One more b’day has come and gone by..!!!

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ~Mahes~
CyberiaFreak – July 4

« «CyberiaFreak» »  


« « «CyberiaFreak» » » 

   « « « «CyberiaFreak» » » » 

~« « « « «CyberiaFreak» » » » »~

I’m wishing myself for this wonderful day sitting with VS.NET 2005. Hope in my next birthday i’m sure i’ll will be working with VS.NET 2006 🙂 ..who knows.

About snaps attached :
This was shot just infront of Forum with my friends..Avinas,Karthikeyan,Praful, Me and his friends.
Thankz for everyone who wished me on this special day…!!!

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