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"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho

Life is a Journey – Enjoy It !! – 2009 long way to go.

I wish you all a Very
Happy New Year
Birthday cake and I know already people (including myself) are
worried bit about recession, career and of course this is the
news in canteen, blogs, print media every where. Come on…Its not
going to be our dead end right ? We will be doing something,
somewhere atleast for our living so why worry…Lets think positive and work hard to over come this hard time.
Its all about how quickly we bounce back once
when we pink slipped. So lets keep our self updated as usual and be
a key player.
"Year 2008"
was a fantastic year
for me in my life both personal(got married) and professional
aspect. Skill set wise not very happy but worked on variety of non MS
tools (IReport, Postgres, Mysql ,plone etc but sadly project got scrapped
but survived me. That’s the time I decided to go with MOSS 2007
and crossed half a way. W
ish me good
luck and share your MOSS passion if you are into.
I wish 2009 would bring lot of change
around us with smile in every ones face. Lets go ahead
with great hope and luck ! 
Want to know
about 2009 Predictions.? read from here –
well explained and good predictions. what you say..?

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Hack Day India, Bangalore, October 5 & 6

Hi Bangalore Hackers.Left hug.

Hacking for me – It was funny,
interestingAngel, sometimes uselessSarcastic, exploring hidden jargons, techie stuffsNerd, not
going to fill my pocket, some time etc,  I started my hacking stuff way
back in college to impress my friend Right hug who sits nearby me in lab 😉 gradually
networked via friends, books, astalavista, ankit fadia meet etc. Really I
missed my college underground network friends like gopi, vineeth and vikki.
Gudoos guys for landing in your dream job, but I become a programmer by default
and interest. I wrote a simple socket port scanner in VB, that was my first
love towards program hacking…now sits with C#  all day in office. I
don’t know what else left out still….list keeps on going and
growing..some where I read, in .NET 3.5 , they bundled 87,000 classes…oh
god give me a break to do something on our own and be relax for sometime.

Day India announcement

While I was checking my rss reader, I got struck with this
announcement posted by terminator blog,
hope this would be an interesting one if we get a chance to meet nice guys over
there to dirty again

Hack Day India: 5 October – 6
October 2007,  For registration and more info, click here . http://hackdayindia.eventwax.com/hack-day-india

Happy Hacking ! Happy Coding !!

Mahesh ~

My earlier hack post http://cyberiafreak.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!410E76C6390C7090!485.entry

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web.config – Settings

Today for my salesport application[in lauchin phase], while we into testing for the past days, i have tried a lot for showing errors with approximate one. These are the web.config setting i have tried.

3 modes to display error:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

CustomErrors = Off [disable custom error and display app.error]
CustomErrors= On [ display custom page]
CustomErrors=RemoteOnly[ display the custom page in the remote but actual in the production server]

Here is the simple example for web.config structure…

Web.Config Configuration File –>

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SQL Query – office ref

Here is my office query which i have written for SALESPORT appln.


select * from PCL where ((status=91) or (call_updated=111 and status <>91 and status <>92))

select due_by_activity,due_date,clt_name from activity_due a,pcl p where a.c_id=p.clt_id and datepart(week,a.due_date)=datepart(week,dateadd(week,-2,getdate()))and a.e_id=’SMS00102′

select due_by_activity,due_date,clt_name from activity_due a,pcl p where a.c_id=p.clt_id and datepart(month,a.due_date)=datepart(MONTH,dateadd(month,-1,getdate())) and a.e_id=’SMS00102′


SALESPORT APPLication is in testing stage and expecting for clients installation in Kolkata or ranchi hopefully.

[ a very next day of valentine ]

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My code in office – for reference

Private Sub clt_Click()
If scope2 = "" Then
MsgBox "Select scope of the report !! ", vbExclamation, " Sales port !!"
If scope2 = "B" Then
If code = "" Then
MsgBox "Please select any branch….! ", vbInformation, "Salesport!!……….Select branch… "
wb.Navigate salesurl & "sales_pcl_rep_index2.asp?st=1&ac=SM&scope=" & scope & code ‘ querystring
wb.Visible = True
End If
End If

End If
End Sub

case "R"
rs.Open "select *from WORECIEPT where " & condition & " and (datepart(month,WOR_REC_DT)=datepart(month,getdate()) or datepart(month,WOR_REC_DT)=datepart(month,dateadd(month,-1,getdate())))"
case "A"
rs.Open "select *from WORECIEPT where datepart(month,WOR_REC_DT)=datepart(month,getdate()) or datepart(month,WOR_REC_DT)=datepart(month,dateadd(month,-1,getdate()))"

—– Today lot of updation in existing salesport application. Successfully cleared 3 errors.

3-2-2005 went to dumlur for BDOTNET Seminar [ topic was asp.net caching ]

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Some important facts about -asp.net

Can I still run ASP pages on a server that runs ASP.Net?

Yes. They will run side-by-side with no adverse affects to the ASP pages at all.

Does ASP.Net still recognize the global.asa file?

ASP.Net does not recognize the standard ASP global.asa file. Instead it uses a file named global.asax with the same – plus additional – functionality.

Can ASP pages and ASP.Net pages share session variables.

No. Both support session variables, but the session variables are not shared across the two platforms.

What is the process-flow for ASP.Net?


1. User requests an ASPx page in their browser

2. An HTTP requests is sent to IIS

3. The xspisapi.dll isapi filter intercepts the request and passes the request on to the XSP worker process (xspwp.exe)

4. Xspwp takes care of handing the request to the appropriate HTTPModules and finally an HTTPHandler as defined in the configuration files.

5. The ASPX page is read from the HD or cache and server code is loaded into memory and executed.

6. The server side code outputs normal HTML which is handed back through the chain of modules and eventually to IIS, which sends the response back to the client’s browser.

7. If the user clicks or otherwise acts on an HTML element (say, a textbox) that has a server side event handler, the form is posted back to the server with hidden form fields containing information as to what control and event occurred.  Some controls do not automatically post by default, but wait for a button_click event to post.  This is configurable by the developer.

8. The ASPx page is again loaded into memory using the same sequence of events as before, but this time ASP.net reads in the hidden form field data and automagically triggers the appropriate _OnChange, OnClick and other appropriate event handlers.

9. Resulting HTML is sent to the browser

10. The process continues in a continual "Post Back" cycle.

Definition of HTTP Modules:
HTTP modules are a logical replacement for ISAPI filters.  Modules are a class that can participate in every web request.  This is appropriate for code that should run on every request, such as caching, authentication or state management

Definition of HTTP Handlers:
HTTP Handlers provide the end point in the processing of a web request and are equivalent to ISAPI Extensions today.  For example, many handlers can be involved in the request for an ASPX page, but only 1 handler is invoked.  The handler runs after the HTTP modules have run.  Which handler is invoked is determined by configuration settings in the config.web file.  Handlers are assigned to handle requests based on the extension of the page requested.

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