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gRPC using .NET core notes

-gRPC is a framework for RPC calls
-helps to execute a remote method somewhere in the n/w
-born out of goog, gRPC is a open source variant
-MS .NET team is partnering with goog folks and CNCF to make gRPC performant on .NET core
-it has 4 low level primitives
1) Unity calls (single client req, single server response)
2) Client streaming (multiple client req, single server response)
3) Server streaming (single cli-req, multiple server response)
4) full duplex
-it works on top of http2 as a transporter
-gRPC-web preview exist today for browser support but gRPC is pretty for svc-svc communication
-it needs a protobuf file defining the message types used by the gRPC- contract equivalent

  • $ dotnet new grpc -o GrpcServer to generate a sample proj in .NET core
  • building the project generates the code file for most of the languages based on proto contract file
  • protobuf -binary seralization format, https/2, multiplexing, streaming, more efficient, quality of generated code is better for any languages makes gRPC better than REST API’s.
  • REST API’s required path, verb used etc but in gRPC not required
  • – one can expose them as HTTP endpoints or gRPC endpoints – option is there
  • gRPC ->
  • Get started with a gRPC service
  • Introduction to gRPC on .NET Core

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