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21 Microsoft Resume Preparation Tips – By Janella Godfrey, MS

Today I happen to listen, Janella Godfrey, blogger(jobs.blogs.msdn.com)
and recruitment specialist from MS presented a webcast about resume format and
do’s and do not’s when applying for Microsoft. Here is the some of the points
to be considered before applying for MS

  1. Must have accomplishment list
    if you accomplished something.

  2. Toot your own horn, it means
    mention your actual role and project

  3. Must specify progression, promotion
    if any

  4. Must have academic record

  5. Projects/Experience
  6. Leadership if any
  7. Honours received if any.
  8. Grad date should be clearly

  9. Don’t just list the
    project – list role in the project

  10. if the company is unknown – write
    a brief sentence blurb about what it does.

  11. Bullets – no run on sentence
  12. Don’t forget volunteer

  13. All leadership counts
  14. Describe any fundraising/large

  15. Time line for projects
  16. 1 page resume or 2 page resume
    is enough

  17. Apply it with specific code-Software
    design engineer at Microsoft

  18. have a multiple Resumes when
    you are applying for multiple positions

  19. no spelling errors, bizarre
    fonts, Disorganized

  20. not too much padding

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Updates from Personal front

Few of my friends pinged me to know where am I these days, as they don’t see post on this blog for quite some time. Yes, I was on leave for 10 days without net connection, busy with sister marriage plans etc. Everything went well & I feel its time for update my blog to keep rolling.. Here is the latest personal & important updates I feel to share..
§         My only, younger sister got married this 24’th of this month and I’m left, started looking…
§         My close friend, Sakthivel flown to US for onsite assignment..
§         My investment in MF’s glittering…
§         First time bought a blazer and wore it for reception..
§         Had a wonderful family reunion and gala time in home town..
§         I feel almost i got a soul mate from my relative chain, conversing with her,..but keeping my fingers crossed J
§         Dad altered my rooms in home town, got a spacious rooms with more ventilation & furniture’s..
§         Sensex crossed 20 K..
§         Ambani becomes a world richest person…
§         Completed 3+ Years of Experience in .NET & going to complete 2 years with current employer..
§         My roommate changed his job for whooping package.
      Will upload some of the photos once I got from studio…

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Get Ready for BCB5, Bangalore – 17,18 @ IIM



Much awaited,
BarCamp Bangalore is back; mark
your calendars17th & 18th –
, IIM Bangalore.

are not yet open – but one can register at :

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Security issue in MSDN Magazine – Nov, 2007

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Must Read Motivation Blog — When you are free.

Dear all,

  As a blogger & blog reader, I read approx~ 150
blogs on various categories starts.
Here I would like to dedicate a post for Leo B, who is a very famous & great Motivational blogger in bloggers world. I highly
recommend you all to get clue to his blog
for Touch, Moved and Inspired (TMI)  in your Life.
I already started following him..How
about you..?? Come and Join the wagon and start living !!

About Leo B – http://zenhabits.net/2007/02/my-story/

Leo B’s
blog :

Subscribe to his blog – RSS – http://feeds.feedburner.com/zenhabits

Thanks Leo B for your good work !! May god
bless you..

Happy Living



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So this is what it’s really like at Microsoft –


I saw this site and thought you’d
want to check it out. It’s about what it’s like to be a dev, tester or a
program manager at Microsoft. There’s a lot of videos, links to blogs and some
RSS feeds. I thought you’d like this page in particular:


src: www.viewmyworld.com (via MS Career News letter)


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