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All about Model View ViewModel (MVVM) ? – Points to Note

* Its an architectural pattern used in software engineering that originated from Microsoft
* targeted at modern UI development platforms (WPF and SL)
* View-Model is responsible for exposing the data objects from the Model in such a way that those objects are easily managed and consumed. In this respect, the View-Model is more Model than View, and handles most if not all of the View’s display logic 
* Pattern is designed to support WPF and Silverlight

Elements of the MVVM pattern include:
   (1) Model as in the classic MVC pattern, the model refers to the data access layer representing the real state content.
   (2) View as in the classic MVC pattern, the view refers to all elements displayed by the GUI such as buttons, windows, graphics, and other controls.

   (3) ViewModel: the ViewModel is a “Model of the View” meaning it is an abstraction of the View that also serves in data binding between the View and the Model. It could be seen as a specialized aspect of what would be a Controller (in the MVC pattern) that acts as a data binder/converter that changes Model information into View information and passes commands from the View into the Model. The ViewModel exposes public properties, commands, and abstractions. The ViewModel has been likened to a conceptual state of the data as opposed to the real state of the data in the Model.

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Azure™ Developer Challenge – Contest entries & Result

These days I’m glued very much to cloud computing via twitter(#surprisedcloud), janakiramm.net/blog/, RSS updates, infosys microsoft blog etc. In addition to this, here is the much awaited contest result out for new CloudApp() – Read from here – http://www.newcloudapp.com/ Personally I like MyImpulsive & radio, infacted voted for this two. 

Interesting part is, my current employer-sapient also appeared for this – http://sapientlabs.cloudapp.net/ 
Cloud computing is really rocks and looking forward !

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From TechEd 2009 Notes : C# 3.0 Feature explained

Auto-implemented property is the new feature in C# 3.0 and useful one. Here is the code which i tried to explain in easy way. Read more from MSDN here


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Change is the only constant !! – Back to blogging

Yeah, I’ve changed my job. Left Sobha Renaissance Information Tech, after spending 3 Years 8 months of fruitful experience and joined with Sapient this Monday. Its been two months since there was no posting in my blog due to various reasons. I would like to break the ice and come back to bloggin. wish me a good luck and lets go ahead !

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