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.NET 4.5 Beta- WPF Changes

The new Ribbon control, which enables you to implement a ribbon user interface that hosts a Quick Access Toolbar, Application Menu, and tabs.
The new INotifyDataErrorInfo interface, which supports synchronous and asynchronous data validation.
New features for the VirtualizingPanel and Dispatcher classes.
Improved performance when displaying large sets of grouped data, and by accessing collections on non-UI threads.
Data binding to static properties, data binding to custom types that implement the ICustomTypeProvider interface, and retrieval of data binding information from a binding expression.
Repositioning of data as the values change (live shaping).
Ability to check whether the data context for an item container is disconnected.
Ability to set the amount of time that should elapse between property changes and data source updates.
Improved support for implementing weak event patterns. Also, events can now accept markup extensions.


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