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MS India TechEd 2006 – Register

Hi all,

MS TechEd India 2006 is on the way to India. If you get a chance, try to get register.

Start to catch this event details right here..totally its a three day event..First 2 days for developers and last day for IT professionals. Tech•Ed 2006 India travels across six cities in the month of June – New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. 

 http://www.microsoft.com/india/teched2006 or www.techedindia.com

Bangalore dates. – June 22,23,24

Until keep counting !


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Alesti.com – Online RSS reader ( review )

Hi all,

As you all know…I’m an avid blog reader and blogger, I used to read almost 100 blogs starts from MS technology,MSDN, MVP’s to science etc.

   But I never satisfied with the readers and web readers until I’ve seen feedDemon(s/w) and Alesti(online reader). Thanks to Jayaveer who introduced those to me.

First I started to collect all my feeds from various webreaders like LIVE.com and google’s reader..and then subscribed under FeedDemon. Finally exported to OPML and imported here @ alesti. I tried it and working fine and satisfied with the both the readers.

 Features to look in Alesti

(1) Its a simple, user-friendly, free “Web 2.0” feed reader.

(2) Supports RSS and Atom feeds.

 (3) Uses standard compliant web techniques like Ajax

(4) Its quite faster than anyother I;ve tried.

 (5) More news @ http://www.alesti.org/ Hope this would be useful for blogreader looking for webreaders..

Currently subscribed to : 89 blogs, my blog Hits : 11374


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Krugle.com – the search engine for developers

Hi all,

Yes,Do you want to search some piece of Code/file..?  let say I want to see the code for "Winsock.H" or for anything, it will search the exact file or show the piece of code.

 * It was designed to locate code.
 * Searching is done crawling, parsing and indexing code found in all open source repositories, as well as code that exists in archives, mailing lists, blogs, and web pages.
 * Navigating code repositories easy.
 * It was designed by programmers, for programmers.

krugle – the search engine for developers

src: http://www.krugle.com/
for beta signup : http://www.krugle.com/beta/

Happy searching ! Happy coding !!


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Selected for the Stage II – Securityshootout Contest

Hi all,
Today I know that MS is publishing the Shootout contest result , so I was expecting the result in their website, but before this, they sent out mail saying that I’ve cleared the STAGE I …and feeling happy to share with you all….if anyone got the same …do share it here..??
Here is the actual mail from Microsoft
Dear Mahesh Kumar.R,
Thank you for participating in Stage 1 of Security Shootout contest!
We are delighted to inform you that you are one of the top 1000 contestants to be short listed to participate in Stage 2 of Security shootout.
Please accept our congratulations. Visit
www.securityshootout.com for more details.
We wish you all the best for Stage 2 of the Security Shootout contest. In Stage 2, you will be required to answer 30 questions in 60 minutes, which gives you a whole 2 minutes to answer each question! For every correct answer you will get 4 marks and for every wrong answer you will loose 1 mark. You can appear for the exam on any day between 22nd April 00:00 and 30th April 2006 24:00. We will be announcing the names of the top 100 qualifiers to stage 3 on 2nd May 2006.
You have a chance to win Custom-build Scorpio Passion and many more prizes!! So, get the guns going; happy Security Shooting!!
Wishing you all the best for stage 2.
Thanks & Regards
Security Shootout Team
Waitin for the Stage 2 contest….wish me good luck …
More news @ src : www.securityshootout.com

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Tips to enable/disable the USB drives in WinXP

hi all.
        I had some situation to limit my USB usage...I was looking for some free software for doing the same. When I called my friend (Admin, working in branded MNC)..he shared this secret of disabling the USB drives to the employees. Yes, In big companies they will play with reg.settings else in BIOS to disable the USB for data theft.
here is the crux to break that settings..
In Run >Regedit go down to the following keys…H_L_Machine > System > controlset > services > usbstor
  (Step 1) Right click the usbstor and set the permission’s to whom you want to enable and disable
  (Step 2) In right windows, double click Start and change the Value Data [0x00000003(3)] to  [0x00000003(4)]
        *3- for enabling
        *4- for disable the same
  (Step 3) Go to this path C:\WINDOWS\inf and check for the file usbstor.inf and give full permisson to ur login id… Try after each step, hope this would help to get the access to USB.

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javascript:function reverse() – Worth to give a try…

Today I got an Email from my friend asking me try the following code in IE address bar. I was quite surprised to see this script get executed in the IE Address bar itself. It worth to give a try..
Paste this script onto ur IE address bar……………its cool try this : 

 javascript:function reverse() { var inp = " TSEB EHT SI HSEHAM   ……rebmemer n !! krow lufesu emos od & oG "; var outp = ""; for (i = 0; i <= inp.length; i++) { outp = inp.charAt (i) + outp ; } alert(outp) ;}; reverse();


If you know anything other than this..let me know 🙂



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