"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho – Online RSS reader ( review )

Hi all,

As you all know…I’m an avid blog reader and blogger, I used to read almost 100 blogs starts from MS technology,MSDN, MVP’s to science etc.

   But I never satisfied with the readers and web readers until I’ve seen feedDemon(s/w) and Alesti(online reader). Thanks to Jayaveer who introduced those to me.

First I started to collect all my feeds from various webreaders like and google’s reader..and then subscribed under FeedDemon. Finally exported to OPML and imported here @ alesti. I tried it and working fine and satisfied with the both the readers.

 Features to look in Alesti

(1) Its a simple, user-friendly, free “Web 2.0” feed reader.

(2) Supports RSS and Atom feeds.

 (3) Uses standard compliant web techniques like Ajax

(4) Its quite faster than anyother I;ve tried.

 (5) More news @ Hope this would be useful for blogreader looking for webreaders..

Currently subscribed to : 89 blogs, my blog Hits : 11374



April 22, 2006 - Posted by | XP_cool Tips

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