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Get a free @aol.in id now ..

AOL just launched India’s portal site for local news, movies,
mails, cityguide etc… It’s also offering
free Email ID
, @aol.in. Below marked lines are worth to lookout.


Link : www.aol.in

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Keyboard Trojans – Bit shocking news

Today I received an email forwarding from
my friend Madhu regarding this Keyboard Trojan. I was bit taken aback by this
KeyGhost Keylogger in market for affordable price. Yes we all know about
Keylogger utilities from college days and its nuisance. But these type of key
stealing devices(hardware parasites) will be difficult to scan by a software scanner
utilities. Only by physical appearance we’ve to identify. Eventhough it’s
a keylogger, I simply like the idea they come up with. Gudoos for the inventor…Happy Hacking Beware…….follow
the mail below….

new device has been introduced to the marketplace that is a huge danger to
anyone who uses a PC that is not theirs. It is known as a key tracker and it
sits between the keyboard and the PC. As can be seen in the pictures it is very
discreet but is probably one of the most dangerous items of equipment to
personal information that is readily available. These devices record every key
that is pressed on the keyboard. Due to it’s position (it sits between the
keyboard and the PC) the information is logged by the tracker before the PC
knows about it and as such is very difficult for the PC to detect. They are
available in both USB and PS2 formats so pretty much any PC can be logged. The
user puts the tracker in line, leaves it there for a set amount of time and
then retrieves it. They can then download the data onto their own PC.

If you intend to use a PC that is
not yours (ie hotel business centre, internet café, airport etc) I would advise
looking at the back of the PC to see if one of these trackers has been placed
in line (scrambling under a desk is the better alternative to losing your email
details). If you cannot get to see the back of the PC, I would suggest you
don’t use it for anything personal. If a tracker is there and you do not notice
it, whoever placed it there (could be any user of that PC before you) will be
able to recall all of your keystrokes – logins, passwords etc. These trackers
cost less than £30 and they are definitely out there already.”


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Blog publishing from Office id. (Test post,ignore this )

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CLR Profiler for the .NET Framework 2.0

CLR Profiler for the .NET Framework 2.0 is out – released on 4/16/2007 ( 5.0 MB)
Clock the download here > CLR Profiler for .NET 2.0.

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Welcome onboard, my new baby – Acer Aspire 5052

Hi pals,
Yes, I’m blogging from my new laptop Acer Aspire 5052-ANWXMi to catch up the fast lane of Technology & for preparation. Already having a desktop which I bought in my college days in year 2000, after doing several formats and R&D’s, it started losing its components one by one in installments…first HDD, then RAM, CD writer, CD reader…I tried maximum to upgrade it to hold for sometime, but after spending 7K I’m not satisfied…its getting restarted sometims..so simply lost my hope on it. Almost for the past one month, I was going through magazines, laptop reviews, calls for quotation, price comparison..etc. It was really a hard decision to go for a laptop while having desktop but decided with lots of MS hope . And also it was a tough for me to select the brand, selecting the processor, with graphics card or not etc. Finally traditional AMD or Intel..??  Nodded for AMD after checking it from their website. Here is the config :
Aspire 5052ANWXMi-1GB
 AMD Turion-64 X2 Processor TL50 (1.60GHz, 2 x 256KB Cache), 1024MB DDR2 533MHz Memory (1GB),
 ATI Radeon® Xpress 1100 Chipset, 14.1" WXGA TFT LCD, 1280 x 800 resolution,
 ATI Radeon® Xpress 1100 integrated 3D graphics with up to 256 MB of shared system memory,
 120GB Hard Disk Drive (5400RPM), 8X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive,
 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery,56K Fax Modem, 10/100 Ethernet,  3 USB 2.0 Ports,
 Integrated Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), Integrated 5-in-1 Card Reader & S-Video TV Out,
 1 Year International Traveller’s Warranty, Acer SignalUp Wireless Technology,
 Acer CrystalBrite™ TFT Screen, Acer OrbiCam™ integrated 310,000 pixel CMOS camera, Acer Folio Design with Non-Slip Carry Grip,Easy Access Ports and 4 Way Scroll Button, I ntegrated 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN,USB Mouse ( free )
 It cost around 890 $ (40K INR), bought it from Acer mall, Carlton Towers, Airport Road. BLR. Thanks to Ajai & Jayaveer for selecting the brand.
http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118,00.html – About processor
http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118_14603_14624%5E14625,00.html – About ATI Graphics card 
+ Value for Money,Good graphics and supports gaming,Battery life,Good Performance
Cons :
– Sound quality from inbuilt speakers, not audible sometimes,Camera Image quality & no settings or modes

Overall worth to trust, AMD Turion X2.

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Whats playing in my head !!

Recently, I got addicted to an online music portal called Imeem. Yes,its quite usefull & simple for searching,organising any of your latest,fav hit songs.

  1. UI and page design is so awesome and not cluttered with many options.
  2. Search any of our fav hits and add it in your playlist and start sharing..
  3. It has blog, inbox and supports song upload also..

Overall, I find this site simply superb and also interestingly developed using ASPX

Drop me a line if you like my playlist..

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