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Firefox 3 World Record – Pledge for Download Day 2008

(1) What is Download Day?
Download Day is our attempt to set a world record for the most software downloads in 24 hours and will occur on Firefox 3 launch day.
(2) When is Download Day?
Download Day will coincide with the general availability of Firefox 3. The clock will start ticking when Firefox 3 goes out the door! We don’t have a definitive date for Firefox 3 yet, but it should be in June.
Set a Guinness World Record  !  Enjoy a Better Web !

Join us in our mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!


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MSDN Forums Offline for Maintenance

MSDN Forums Offline for Maintenance

On 5/27/2008
we will be deploying site enhancements to the Community Platform. During this
time access to Forums will not be available.

We apologize
in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
    – MSDN Forums Team

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Where are the Visual Studio 2008 Keybinding Posters?

Download the posters in PDF format

(via) Charlie Calvert’s Community


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Enterprise Library 4.0 Released

Enterprise Lib becomes integral part of our .NET project.By considering time, cost and reliability, EntLib is our favorite
choice for data accessing, logging and in handling exceptions. For the past 2
years, we’ve used EntLib almost in all our projects. Just few days back P&P team released latest Ver 4.0 of
Ent Lib
which supports .NET Framework 3.5 and VS 2008. Includes new block
called – Unity Application Block,
rest all same with some performance tweaking. For download the same click here.List of available blocks,
The Caching
Application Block

The Cryptography
Application Block

The Data Access
Application Block

The Exception
Handling Application Block

The Logging
Application Block

The Policy
Injection Application Block

The Security
Application Block

The Unity Application Block
* new one.

The Validation
Application Block

Happy coding !

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Microsoft Source Analysis for C# (MSA)

Yesterday I’ve come across MSA for C# used to
analyze the source code. It would be useful for the programmers who are
concerned about code review and code sharing. So for 34K downloads clocked and
it is really useful for the people who would like to maintain source code standards
across teams.

Download from here
and read about from their blog here.
I tried out with our ongoing projects, it has shown more than 2,000 Violations
L. At least need
to follow from our next project.

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Most Influential Tech Company of the Year 2008

Oracle, SAP, and IBM topped a list of the 100 most influential technology
companies. Read from here.
Here is the few famous companies position according to this survey are – Apple
-16’th, Yahoo-75’th..Google-11…and so on….



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