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Bug in Windows ?? I think this is new e.egg ..!!

Today I got mail from my collleague saying bug in Windows, I find it as quite interesting 🙂
Here is the steps to produce the same,
Step 1. Create a folder on the desktop and name it "Notepad"
Step 2. Now launch Internet Explorer and right click for view source.
Surprisingly u’ll find notepad folder opened instead sourcode for that empty page.  Try it cool
I’m preparing myself for the coming "WinFx Ascend Training Sessions" provided by Microsoft on DEC 5,6,7,8 @ GTC,DUMLUR – Trainer: Sarvashrestha Paliwal,Microsoft India
 Anyone knows more about this WINFX features and implementations (http://msdn.microsoft.com/winfx/), please share with me…
==Nov – (ISV) VS 2005 Event and Indigo & Windows Foundation Framework
==Dec – WinFx Training { 5,6,7,8 } BillGates & VS 2005 Ready launch {Dec 9} wat a weekend…!!!

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Visual Studio 2005 Fast Tips – Subscribe here

Welcome to Visual Studio 2005 Fast Tips

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My Diary scribblings on MS Event – Nov 2005

My recent MS events Diary scribbles–
I. Performant application in .NET by G.Khanna

(1) String Builder
  Avoid ‘+’ for concatenating string and always use StringBuilder for appending string.
   StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();
   sb.Append("This is must");
   sb.Append("for performance");
   string sql=sb.ToString();
(2) Finalizers
  public void Dispose()
 use finalize() with dispose
(3) Generics
   Simply datatype changing ( no algorthimic change )
(4) weak reference
 Presentation and demo is available @ http://blogs.msdn.com/gkhanna/
— performance explorer, clrprofiler
— Gen0,Gen1,Gen2,LargeObjectHeap – Garbage collector
II. Debuggin in VS2005
 (1).Debug – set debug breakpoint, filters etc
 (2).Tracing – inserting tracepoints like trace breakpoints – System.Diagnostic.tracelogs
 (3).Datatips – dataset visualizer
  For Team comm,Quality,Desg for operation,platform for innovation
 *VSTS – connected with VS Team Foundation server
  {somewat like MPP – Microsoft project professional }
III. Windows Foundation Framework (Indigo)

Distributed Technology
 1.System Messaging – message oriented process
 2..NET REmoting – extensibility,location, transparency
 3. ASMX -webservice (share scheme), stateless- Interop with other platforms
 4. Enterprise service – Attribute based programming
 5. WSE – protocol support

SOA (thought process) OOA (Technical process):
 Services are – Operational boundary
       autorouting itself
            single entry
            redirected to cost effective
 SOA Architecture :
 * Simplex, Duplex, Request / reply
 WCF – Building and managing, Unified programming model,broadly interopera..
[ lot of new jargons noted in my diary – remoting,Indigo,System Messaging, WSDL -proxy, Webservices, Ent-services, named
pipes ]
[Abbr : SOA, WSE, WCF, UDDI, WS – Discoverer ..{ classid,prog id, GUID }
WinFX Runtime Components –
Visual Studio Extensions for WinFX –
XQuery- Bdot session srinivas sampath 
 Querying XML datatype or XML colum from DB *SQL 2005
 * Structure of XQuery : Prolog, Body
 * SQL Type methods
     – Query
     – Value
     – Exist
     – Nodes
     – modify 
 Example : Declare @X XML
           set @X='<books><book></book></books>’
  select @x.query(‘</book>’)
src 😦http://www32.brinkster.com/srisamp/)
blog :http://blogs.sqlxml.org/srinivassampath
(1) WinFX -A managed-code programming model
(2) Windows Presentation Foundation – unified presentation subsystem (AVALON)
(3) Windows Communication Foundation – next-generation Web services technology (Indigo)
All this for my reference…

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Free Microsoft Architecture Journal

Today I had a very crucial meeting in my office,its about growth and future plans from CEO. So it cleared all my doubts 🙂 .  During meeting time, i had a chance to rise a question about NEW HMS Architectural Design and seeking MS support, so i got this link exactly in the evening time while started googling about MS support for architectural guidance for MS certified Partners. All my Team leads are working towards new design using latest MS Technologies.
FREE Microsoft Architecture Journal – Journal is a platform for thought leadership on a wide range of subjects related to enterprise, infrastructure, and application architecture.
Subscribe now by completing the form below – Either you can go for printed version or email.I’ve subscribed for both and waitin for the printed one hopefully  🙂 
Let give a shot !!!

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Ethical guide to hacking mobile phones – Ankit Fadia

Today I got some leisure time for surfing,so While I was surfin about latest security breaking/hacking/cracking news..i come to know that Ankit Fadia(young hacker from India) launched his 3’rd book on mobile Hacking 🙂
"Ankit – Famed Indian ethical hacker, released his newest publication(Sep 2005) – Title : An ethical guide to hacking mobile phones. More details here :
Hmm,Nothing special to say here..but I’m just remembering my college days, met him thrice and had a little talk about Et-Hacking and wanted myself to be a GREAT SECURITY ADVISOR FOR BIG COMPANY. Yes, Still I’m remember his first visit to Coimbatore GRD about Hacking & another day in Rotoray club of CBE, Few months later in Salem -Sona Engineering College in 2002 & 2003.
Ankit : http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/mp/2003/01/28/stories/2003012800360200.htm
But  when compared compared to Ankit, my all time hero is "Kevin Mitnick"(www.kevinmitnick.com). I read both these people books for any meaning between the lines 🙂 , but some RFC and hack jargons,nothing spcl abt it.
Happy Coding!!

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Ready for launch in Bangalore – VS2005,SQL2005,BIZ2006

 READY for Launch Tour of VS 2005,SQL and BizStalk 2006 – Bangalore

09 December 2005 15:00 – 09 December 2005 16:00 (GMT+05:30) India

Palace Ground ,The Bangalore Palace,PO-193 Vasanth Nagar Bangalore 560052,India

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