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End is near for Jerry Y and his Yahoo !!..

I feel the same , continue reading here


Yahoo’s last traded price was 21.33 $, tough times ahead for Jerry.

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Firefox got more than 8 million Firefox 3 downloads in 24 hours

This really shows the firefox popularity among the Internet users.  Guinness record is not yet officially announced, but submitted for their approval and hoping for it. To have your participation certification click here < Certification for FireFox 3 download..,> just fill out your name and start downloading your certificate.



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What exactly is a Go-Live license?

I confused with the recent SilverLight beta 2 licensing model, I google’d about Go-Live licensing but no where explained, somewhat manage to find it in Silverlight official site FAQ’s page.


     “A Go-Live license gives developers and organizations authorization to begin deployment of their applications using pre-RTM code. Our primary recommendation is for developers to use the Go-Live license and the Silverlight 2 Beta 2 to begin building applications with the knowledge that Microsoft will be updating the bits in the future. “

.. continue reading the Silverlight FAQ’s page for more detail.

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Forex Flower – the quick currency converter

Want to try the free quick currency converter..here is the link…http://www.forexflower.com/. Forex Flower is a brand new quick currency converter.Exchange rates are updated on every weekday and reflects the exchange rates published by US Federal Reserve Economic Data database. Here is the URL to try it. http://www.forexflower.com/widget.php


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‘2012: The Year The Internet Ends’ ?

This happens for me to see it in YouTube, Yes there is a group called IPower which claims that by Year 2012 Free Internet ends. According to them, Internet will become like TV based subscription services, for which we have to pay for access certain URL’s. Sounds little scary…but i feel something will definitely happen to control the bandwidth usage and also for accessing free useful sites. wat you guys say..??


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SQL Injection Attack – Must read

Security Vulnerability Research & Defense has a useful blog post on SQL Injection. Pls find it here.

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