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How to call C#.NET Class Library from Office VBA

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ML : How to develop a mode, algo use and one liner explanation

Supervised Learning – Classification, Regression

Unsupervised Learning – Clustering, Recommendation


(1)Classification (Y/N/not sure, Maligant tumour or not)
Which customer are more likely to buy, stay, leave(churn analysis)
Which customer is going to get loans
Which transactions are fradulent
Which quotes are more likely to get executed

   What are the algorithms are there for Classification..
1.BCD (Boosted decision tree)
2.DF (Decision Forest)
3.DJ (Decision Jungle)
4.LR (Logistic Regression)

(2) Regression (Predictive analysis)
1. Stock price prediction
2. Market forecast
3. Weather forecast
4. Calculate insurance premiums based on different factors(feature)
5. Manpower prediction
6. Workload prediction
What are the algorithms are there for Regression..
1. Bayesian Linear
2. Linear Regression
3. Ordinal Regression
4. (BCD) ANN, Boosted Decision Tree
5. DF (Decision Forest)

(3) Cluster (Segmentation)
Divide a customer base into groups of individuals, age, market segmentation,
Data compression, color reduction, pattern recognition
             Which Algorithm to use..
1. K-means

(4) Recommendations (Product recommendation)

1. Amazon Recommender system
Algorithm: Matchbox

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Feature Exploration, Visualization and Predictive Modeling with R and AzureML

Iris Data Set  https://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/Iris
Needless to say, here is the master piece – 

Hats off to Raja Iqbal for this wonderful meetup session.


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Partners Say New Azure Machine Learning Service Could Be Microsoft’s Secret Weapon In The Cloud

Microsoft earlier this month launched a preview of a new cloud service called Azure Machine Learning, and some partners are already using it to build the sort of apps that used to require a team of expensive data scientists to pull off.

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