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How much managed code Microsoft uses ?

Visual Studio 2005: 7.5 million lines
SQL Server 2005: 3 million lines
BizTalk Server: 2 million lines

Visual Studio Team System: 1.7 million lines
Windows Presentation Foundation: 900K lines
Windows Sharepoint Services: 750K lines
Expression Interactive Designer: 250K lines  
Sharepoint Portal Server: 200K lines
Content Management Server: 100K lines
And I know that the new code for Exchange 12 is 80% managed code.

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Very First day and date with .NET Remoting

Hi bloggers & friends,
I’ve a good news…Yes,Keeping career perspective in my mind, Finally I’ve moved to new job and designation offered by SRIT(www.renaissance-it.com). Looking here lots of opportunities & possibilities to grow and learn. 
 Getting ready to code for .NET interoperability with JAVA via (J-Integra server – bridge between JAVA and .NET, support object sharing, passing values, references, HastTable etc …)
 So I’m starting ground work on the followin Jargons..
 (1) What and why Remoting an Object ?
 (2) Why Remoting Instead Webservice ?
 (3) Which is Faster ?
  Web services-SOAP-based communications-slower
  .NET Remoting – binary communications mechanisms – Faster
 (4) Why not JAVA’s RMI and difference with .NET remoting ?
 (5) What is use of Remoting ?
 (6) How to call JAVA Objects in .NET and work on that ?
 (7) How to pass data to JAVA Objects ?
 (8) What is the use of J-Integra, JNBridgePro & JANET
 (9) Is it possible to convert Bytecode to MSIL ? YEs
if anyone worked on interoperability..please guide me and share ur design ideas and patterns if any ??
Wish me for good luck.
With Luv –
Happy Coding ! Happy Working !

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Windows Workflow Strategy – WinFX(WWF)

* A new workflow platform accompanying Microsoft’s next client OS (Windows Vista) will let developers build workflow automation directly into Windows applications without requiring external services or servers such as BizTalk.

** The term workflow typically refers to the sequence of activities, interactions, events, and flow of information that make up end-to-end business processes, typically processes that involve both humans and computer systems or applications.

Workflow platforms typically provide the following:

(1) Graphical languages and developer tools :
 Enable business users and other nondevelopers to review or revise business process logic. Many platforms enable users to add or delete process steps on the fly.

(2)Run-time engines
 It automate common steps (such as sending e-mail and waiting for a response to a message), reducing the amount of code a developer must write. The engines customarily support the long-running operations typical in human-oriented business processes; for example, an engine might wait several days for a response from a participant, and must do so without failing, generating an error, or blocking other process steps.

(3)Communication mechanisms
 It support human-to-human, human-to-machine, and machine-to-machine interactions; for example, workflow platforms allow humans to route task requests and other information to one another or to the applications involved in a business process.

(4) Monitoring and deployment tools:
 It allows users to monitor workflow state, such as the status of tasks (for example, not started, in-progress, or complete), and reduce the effort required to update applications with new business logic, compared with updating and redeploying a conventional application.

Points to look for ::

* WWF will replace BizTalk’s current run-time engine in a future version of the product, and applications built on the BizTalk 2004 or BizTalk 2006 platforms will likely not be compatible with a WWF-based engine.
* WWF will replace BizTalk’s orchestration engine in a future version of the product, likely the version following BizTalk 2006


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Whats inside a Workflow Foundation & Comm Foundation- WinFX

Windows Workflow Foundation[ MSDN Jan 2006 ]
ABCs Of Programming Windows Communication Foundation[ MSDN Feb 2006 🙂 –so fast yaar ]

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I was there in Palace Ground for BILL GATES VISIT –

I was there in Palace Ground on DEC 9,2005 for Billgates visit. It was such a great day for developers to celebrate his visit . I reached P.Ground 10 AM in morning and got registered & We were waited upto 2.30 PM for the program start. After Rock Song by Parikrama, Gates appeared on the stage with colourfull lights focussing him. Crowd stand up for great applause to welcome him and to honour. Then he gave speech on latest IT Trends and importance of IT & few slides about SQL and VS 2005 also.
 He also announced about "Code4bill" contest for student community, Top 20 students will be offered a two month internship at Microsoft,top lucky winner will get to work with Bill Gates. Contest Starts from January 2006 to March 2006.For more Info – http://www.microsoft.com/india/code4bill/   It is again like idea of Google’s CODE JAM  2005  http://www.topcoder.com/pl/?&module=Static&d1=google05&d2=overview
After his speech, Gaurav Khanna and his team presented demo on VS 2005. Exactly @ 4.30 we started moving for DIGITAL lifestyle exhibition  inaugurated by Gates on the same Palace Ground. Nothing special about it, but Windows Media Center Edition 2005 was the crowd puller,various companies showcased Media edition loaded hardwares. finally I had a great weekend which starts with bad accident ,training from microsoft,good news from SRIT and finally gates visit..cool
Keep going guru !!  🙂

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My WinFX Training – Snippet II

Hi all,
 Continuing my first part on my WinFX training experience @ Microsoft.
    * 5 pillars of connected system
                       Integrated user experience(Avalon)
                       Service oriented(Indigo) -Dec 6
                       Pervasive workflow(WinOE) -Dec 7
                       Federated Identity(INfocard) -Dec 8
                       Federated Data
WCF-> Understanding the windows communication foundation
A Unified programming model and runtime environment for rapidly building secure, reliable software services with managed code.  Classes added to the .net Framework 2.0. Software designed for interaction over a network with an interface described in WSDL.
  WCF follows WSDL (Webservice Description LAnguage) closely.
    WSDL Section         WSDL Term        
     a.  Where              Service
     b   How                  Binding  ADDRESS& BINDING
     c.  What                Porttype ->COntract
Address- More than 1 endpoints , Hosting in IIS or WAS
Bindings –  Transports -(HTTP,TCP,Named Pipes, MSMQ), Encoder – ( Text, Binary,MTOM ), Protocols – WS Security, Reliable Messagin System,Infocard (SSO – Single Sign On) www.identityblog.com
WWF-> programming model,engine and tools quickly building workflow enabled applications on windows.
Single workflow tech for windows,Available to all customers of windows,Available for use across a broad range of scenarios,Redefining  Workflow,
    EX: Escalate TO Manager, Check Inventory
IIs 7.0 new Features :                      
     1. Generalized process actitivation
     2. extensible multi protocol support
     3. Configuration Health Manager
    4. side by side delopyment
    5. fully componentized
Few notable hints :
* Gianpaolo blog on WinFx- http://blogs.msdn.com/gianpaolo/
* ADFS – Active Directory Federated Service
* WCF Team {ABC -Address, Bining, Contract }
                      AB – specified in config file, C  – .NET Interface implementation
* Svcutil – wsdl generator for WinFx programming
* WAS – Windows Activation Service – sits on the top of all TCP/Listeners
* Active Directoty Federation Service (azman.msc)
* Office 12 can be Integrated with SEIBEL/SAP  Through XML WEbSErvices/Office XML FIle Formats
Note: Salute to Mr. Rajagopal for classic DOS command such as (1) DIR win*.* /s/p – for search, (2) CD sys*32 etc and Thanks to Mr. Ramesh M,Program Manager, E solutions, Chennai for sharing his notes.
Happy WinFX programming..!!

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