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My Diary scribblings on MS Event – Nov 2005

My recent MS events Diary scribbles–
I. Performant application in .NET by G.Khanna

(1) String Builder
  Avoid ‘+’ for concatenating string and always use StringBuilder for appending string.
   StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();
   sb.Append("This is must");
   sb.Append("for performance");
   string sql=sb.ToString();
(2) Finalizers
  public void Dispose()
 use finalize() with dispose
(3) Generics
   Simply datatype changing ( no algorthimic change )
(4) weak reference
 Presentation and demo is available @ http://blogs.msdn.com/gkhanna/
— performance explorer, clrprofiler
— Gen0,Gen1,Gen2,LargeObjectHeap – Garbage collector
II. Debuggin in VS2005
 (1).Debug – set debug breakpoint, filters etc
 (2).Tracing – inserting tracepoints like trace breakpoints – System.Diagnostic.tracelogs
 (3).Datatips – dataset visualizer
  For Team comm,Quality,Desg for operation,platform for innovation
 *VSTS – connected with VS Team Foundation server
  {somewat like MPP – Microsoft project professional }
III. Windows Foundation Framework (Indigo)

Distributed Technology
 1.System Messaging – message oriented process
 2..NET REmoting – extensibility,location, transparency
 3. ASMX -webservice (share scheme), stateless- Interop with other platforms
 4. Enterprise service – Attribute based programming
 5. WSE – protocol support

SOA (thought process) OOA (Technical process):
 Services are – Operational boundary
       autorouting itself
            single entry
            redirected to cost effective
 SOA Architecture :
 * Simplex, Duplex, Request / reply
 WCF – Building and managing, Unified programming model,broadly interopera..
[ lot of new jargons noted in my diary – remoting,Indigo,System Messaging, WSDL -proxy, Webservices, Ent-services, named
pipes ]
[Abbr : SOA, WSE, WCF, UDDI, WS – Discoverer ..{ classid,prog id, GUID }
WinFX Runtime Components –
Visual Studio Extensions for WinFX –
XQuery- Bdot session srinivas sampath 
 Querying XML datatype or XML colum from DB *SQL 2005
 * Structure of XQuery : Prolog, Body
 * SQL Type methods
     – Query
     – Value
     – Exist
     – Nodes
     – modify 
 Example : Declare @X XML
           set @X='<books><book></book></books>’
  select @x.query(‘</book>’)
src 😦http://www32.brinkster.com/srisamp/)
blog :http://blogs.sqlxml.org/srinivassampath
(1) WinFX -A managed-code programming model
(2) Windows Presentation Foundation – unified presentation subsystem (AVALON)
(3) Windows Communication Foundation – next-generation Web services technology (Indigo)
All this for my reference…

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