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Not able to install Windows XP in Vista’s Pre-loaded machine !!

Friend of mine bought a new laptop with Vista Ultimate by default(OEM Version). He had a problem in activation and not able to log inBaring teeth. He was neither able to format nor install XP Angry. I too tried couple of times with bootup CD, the installation crashed with blue screen. On closer lookup, I came to know that there was problem with BIOS Settings . It was intially set to "AHCI", I’ve changed to "IDE" to support Windows XP, then it started installing well and good.

Read more from Wikipedia source and MS error report

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Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview – for IE Web Test

This is for Web developers (ASP.NET) who work for cross browser supportBaring teeth. Currently I’m into web development for a client and breaking my head to fix this cross browser issue. In another project, the client is asking for beta browser like IE 8 and Chrome support. In ASP.NET, menus are tougher to fix. Apart from this, if you have coded any DOM manipulation in Java script code, it is not easy to get/set values to tree/list controls/grid.

An easy solution for this is to identify browser type then bunch of code for each browser compatible DOM manipulation(Javascript). Its really time consuming and takes time to test it. This kind of approach boggles me and am not confident at all. But I highly recommend to take care of cross browser support from the prototype development stage itself.

Here is the news from MS regarding Web SuperPreview for IE  (its a visual debugging tool that makes it easier to migrate our Web sites from IE 6 to IE 7 or 8 ), but it would be better if they extend this support to test other browsers also..Currently few of my applications are working smoothly in IE 6 and above..but not sure about IE 8. I’ll post about the pros and cons after checking this too…

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jQuery to my project !!

Currently i’m involved in designing a complete web application all alone and learning a lot these days. Doing a lot of POC and observing the best available things to the current Project. In this, jQuery is my latest crush,i knew JQuery for the past one year after Scott announcement but i never had a change to work for client project. Here is my first POC for no bie’s.. jQuery is a fast, lightweight JS
library that is CSS3 compliant and supports many browsers. The jQuery
framework is extensible and very nicely handles DOM manipulations, CSS,
AJAX, Events and Animations. Complete list of download available here.JQuery is not a JS replacement, but its a l
ibrary written using JavaScript.
1) Download from here
2) Add as reference.

 In aspx file.. 

$(document).ready(function() {
    // Add the page method call as an onclick handler for the div.
    $("#buttonn").click(function() {
            type: "POST",
            url: "MyJQuery.aspx/Samplemethod",
            data: "{}",
            contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
            dataType: "json",
            success: function(msg) {

    <form id="form1" runat="server">
    <div id="Mydiv">
    <input id="Text1" type="text" />
    <input id="buttonn" type="button" value="button" />
 In Code behind..
        public static string Samplemethod()
            return DateTime.Now.ToString();
You could see, the page gets the latest date and time easily…

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Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight – Feb 2009

  Composite Application Guidance for WPF & Silverlight is designed to build enterprise-level WPF and Silverlight client applications. It will help you design and build enterprise-level composite WPF client applications—composite applications use loosely coupled, independently evolvable pieces that work together in the overall application.
The guidance includes a reference implementation, reusable library code (named the Composite Application Library), documentation, QuickStart tutorials, and hands-on labs. This version of the Composite Application Guidance is designed to help you build WPF and Silverlight applications that have a single code base. You can download PRISM v2.0 here.

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