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4 Features for C# 4.0


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What to say about this..MS stops traffic for interns – I’m so jealous

I’m so jealous after reading this, Check out here for MS way of taking their newly recruited interns for picnic..Really its a VVIP treatment guys. read from MS jobs blog – here

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MS released the public beta of the “Zermatt” framework (

“Zermatt” is a .NET developer framework and SDK that helps developers build claims-aware applications to address today’s application security requirements using a simplified model that is open and extensible, can improve security, and boosts productivity for developers.  Developers can build externalized authentication capabilities for “relying party” applications and build custom “identity providers”, often referred to as Security Token Services (STS).  With these components, developers can build applications that meet a variety of business needs more quickly.  Details –, or located here Requirements:  “Zermatt” requires .Net 3.5 to be installed.

Roadmap:  We anticipate RTM to occur in the last quarter of calendar year 2008.   More info on MSDN

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Oops I stepped into 28 !, Belated BIRTHDAY Wishes To Me

One more Birthday has come and just passed by. July 4’th was my birthday, these days I became lazy to do something & no integrity…need to fix it quickly before it dominates. Thanks for wishing me thru orkut, sms and by call. Here is my previous birthday entries. (1) 2005 July 4 – B’ day Entry, (2) 2006 July 4 – B’ day Entry, (3) 2007 July 4 – B’ day Entry and (4) now 2008. Every birthday i used to sit for a while and think of the 365 days matters in a short to summarize my improvements in all spheres. This Year for a change, I want to try something by comparing the changes around me and added to me in a personal/career/social wise. let me try..leave your comment if you have any specific piece for me for this change.

Changes happened so for..
Age 27 -> 28, Techie->Coder+Techie, single/unmarried ->single/unmarried, Titan->Casio data bank ,Fila ->RBK, 3 Roses ->Parivar chai Time, Morning walking ->Aerobics, Rented rooms ->Own Flat, 64 KG ->65 KG, local Sify ->Railwire broadband, ASP.NET 2.0,C# 2.0 -> ASP.Net 3.5+C# 3.0+ADO.NET+Silverlight+DLinq, Sharemarket/MF -> No equities/(sold out at good time) , Blog hits 23 K hits -> 49 K hits, Regional movies -> Hollywood, Rediff -> IMDB+Wikipedia+codeplex+GEarth, ORkut ->ORkut+facebook+SiliconIndia+linkedIn, OutlookMoney ->ET, Thinker -> doer, Avg developer-> Aspiring Architect, blabber -> Listener,Newspaper – No NewsPaper, TV-> Anti-TV, Nandhini -> Heritage, Firefox 2.0 -> Firefox 3.0, RSS Feeds ~100 -> ~240 Feeds , Bus -> Passenger Train, Books/magazines -> Ebooks &,TimesofIndia -> Mint (WallstreetJournal), Bike ->Cycle. e advice on this.

Changes required..So for i’ve not donated money to any trust/orphanage directly, but i’ve experience with temple donation. I would like to visit any nearby orphanage, dress to poor, books to nearby, be eco friendly, no to plastic bags, eat sensibly, no non-veg, try fruits, less mobile calls, cycle to work, no lift, walk to shops, live simple, recycle, self cleaning the house,no packed foods, no heater&fan, no late payment through cards, no self praise, never expose plans, stop useless downloads, be punctual, be plan, printout on both sides, no food wastage, temple visit,no to tv, no newspaper, no backtalk, no politics, use outlook calendar to record timing, have a good clock, Have water bottle, carry bag to work..I want to change..the change starts now..Life is beautiful. I would like to review the same thing on my next b;day..until move on..Mahes~                                           Photos : from flickr.


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The Best Way to Talk to Women

a There are three basic types of conversation that you can have with a woman.

  1. The first type, is known as an informational conversation. (I belong to this type 😦 )
  2. The second type of conversation is known as a one-way conversation.
  3. The third kind of conversation is known as a two-way conversation. *

So, if you still struck in the first type like me, this is the change to get upgrade yourself 🙂

Read more from here

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ASP.NET AJAX Roadmap – June 1, 2008

image1Grab a copy of this handy 18 pages article on Ajax Roadmap which clears all your doubts and roadmap features here.

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Here is my OPML !! is for all my friends who keep asking me to post my RSS OPML. I used to keep this harvested feeds close to me like personal diary Open-mouthed. But i always love to share back to the community & friends. I strongly believe in Learning by Sharing Computer

[Note :Pls dont forget to leave your comment]Sun

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Data Center 2008 Conference – Bangalore 17 ( Paid Event )

datacenterData Center 2008 Conference offers fresh guidance on how to turn today’s improvements in IT infrastructure and process efficiency into tomorrow’s business advantage.  The objective of this event is to provide a comprehensive agenda for those in the data center domains gain a deep insight on managing the technological and business aspects. Topics will be built around critical factors such as people, technologies, processes, and data center facilities, value proposition of the business, and how to effectively manage the impending transitions.
With Five Track Sessions on:

  • Servers And Operating Systems
  • IT Operations
  • Business Continuity Management And Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualization
  • Best Practices For further updates, please visit us regularly on

src : Invitation via Email

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Silverlight Developer Reference Posters


Silverlight 1.1 & 2 Developer Reference Posters available for download –get it from here

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How to get the Google’s search result Order By Date ?

Sometimes back friend of mine called and asked me to check ECNR stamping procedure for his coming Singapore visit, very next moment I searched in Google but landed in many outdated pages :(. But all I want is, I want the latest ECNR norms & forms with required doc to file the same and also it should be the latest of all :). But I don’t know how to sort or get the latest like Google news..soon after I found it in geekvalley when I was checking their latest updates via RSS rdr (feeddemon). Here is the tricky querystring that will do this magic easily.. Just append this string at the end of your search query – &as_qdr=d

Here is the sample- (without sorting, fig 1 ) (with sorting,fig 2)

image1 image2

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