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MSMQ – Message sending error [ External component has thrown as exception ..? ]

When I tried to create a simple MSMQ with
help of MSDN, I was taken aback by the below error with no more explanation
about the error. It was telling me some external component has thrown exception…but
where is my external component. I have written only two lines of code..



MessageQueue myQueue = new MessageQueue(@".\MaheshIncoming");

myQueue.Send(“My Test Message”,"My Label);


What wrong with this code, it is exactly same as MSDN

Error Description:

An unhandled exception of type
‘System.Messaging.MessageQueueException’ occurred in System.Messaging.dll

Additional information: External component has thrown an exception.





I no need to explain again here…already
well document here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/828984
( MS KB article- updated April 2007 )

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How to insert single quoted string in SQL Server

Today I
had a situation where I want to insert Sql Query into a db table with lot of single
quotes. Normally when we insert a string into a table, we have to enclose
within single quotes ‘ ‘, example

            (a)   insert into
broadcastmessageformat (messageqry)  values (’select * from hooter’)

but when we have that enclosing
string itself has lot of singlequotes, then it will be a problem. Example

            (b)  insert into
broadcastmessageformat (messageqry)  values (’select * from hooter where name=’Mahes’
and blog=’cyberiafreak’’)

you run this two queries, (a) executes and inserts normally, where (b) will
throw error message as below.

Msg 128, Level 15, State 1, Line 2

The name "select * from hooter where name=’Mahesh’ and blog=’cyberiafreak’
is not permitted in this context. Valid expressions are constants, constant expressions,
and (in some contexts) variables. Column names are not permitted.

(b) Since it has single quotes, its not
a qualified string for insertion.

(default), all strings delimited by double quotation marks are interpreted as
object identifiers.

Traditional single quotes within double
quotes(“ ‘ “) but it will be very difficult to manage due to lot
of where condition statements for me..finally got this golden goose from net. But
here we have enclose all our strings within double quotes as below.

set quoted_identifier off <– identifiers cannot be quoted

insert into
broadcastmessageformat (usergroupid,messageqry) values (3,"select
* from hooter where name=’Mahesh’ and lastname=’kumar’")

Command(s) completed successfully.

More explanation at : http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms174393.aspx

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MS rolled out new version of MSDN and Technet !!

Recently MS rolled out new version of MSDN and TechNet site
with Live search Integration. I was just going through the list of changes
applied in this edition. Here is the some of the notable changes made in this
new release.

Live Search Integration

2)       Expanded

3)       Refinements
and Pre-scoping

Auto-complete & Spellchecking (English only)

5)       Globalized

6)       Language

Improved Search Performance!

8)       Content

Community Searches across MSDN blogs, Forums, and CodeZone Partner




Technet > http://search.technet.microsoft.com/search/   & MSDN > http://search.msdn.microsoft.com/search/

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Whats your blogroll count..?

How many blogs do you read or subscribed to..??? I’ve been
subscribed to 156
blogs/feeds in my RSS reader ( FeedDemon 2.0 )
J on various
categories from MS,.NET, Finance, Biztalk, NetFx,MS Jobs,Seventymm,MSDN forumns,
google groups, barcamps etc…I started harvesting these feeds from 2005 august
and it reached max now. Its high time for me to downsize to somewhere 30 – 50.
I spent daily 1 hour to keep myself update on all these feeds..now decided to
downsize because of time and no’s….here is the some of the best blog I really
enjoyed reading so for and don’t want to miss. Hope you ‘ll also like it.

1.       http://dotnetwithme.blogspot.com/index.html
– .NET with me – Vikas Goyal

2.       http://msdn.microsoft.com/architecture/
– MSDN: Microsoft Architecture Center

3.       http://www.abhishekkant.net/index.html

4.       http://labnol.blogspot.com – Digital Inspiration

5.       http://deepakvasudevan.blogspot.com/index.html  -Personal
Weblog of Deepak Vasudevan –MVP

6.       http://siliconverse.com/blog -SiliconVerse-
MS Employee

7.       http://groups.google.co.in/group/microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.csharp
– microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.csharp Google Group

8.       http://www.janakiramm.net/blog/ -Janakiram MSV

9.       http://www.SeventyMM.com/Browse/MovieReviews.aspx -Seventymm.com
Latest Movie Reviews

10.    http://blog.yuvisense.net -YuviSense:
Geek under Development – 15 year student

11.    http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/vs2005/

12.    http://www.dotnetindia.com/ -.NET From
India- Anand M

13.    http://aliabdin.wordpress.com – Ali’s
Space – MS US

14.    http://aarthir.com/index.html – ASCII
Art – Aarthy, MS , Hybad.India

15.    http://bink.nu – Bink.nu

16.    http://weblogs.asp.net/despos/  -Dino
Esposito’s WebLog

17.    http://infosysblogs.com/microsoft/ – Infosys | Microsoft

18.    http://techsavygal.wordpress.com/feed/ – Its my
Place at my Pace….

19.    http://jasonhaley.com/blog/ -Jason Haley

20.    http://www.kiruba.com – Kiruba.com

21.    http://crawls.blogspot.com – Krishna’s
Weblog – google H’bad

22.    http://sanjay-explores.blogspot.com
-Life experiences…

23.    http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/  -MSDN Magazine – All Articles

24.    http://www.nikhilk.net/ -Nikhil
Kolthari (Lead Developer)

25.    http://www.thinkingms.com/dolly/ -Pooja

26.    http://thespoke.net/blogs/praveenkumar/default.aspx
-Praveen’s Blog

27.    http://dotnetjunkies.com/WebLog/saravana/default.aspx
-Saravana’s Blog  MS

28.    http://scobleizer.wordpress.com -Scobleizer
– Microsoft Geek Blogger

29.    http://blogs.msdn.com/somasegar/rss.xml
-Somasegar’s WebLog : What do you want us to blog about?

30.    http://www.venkatarangan.com/blog/
– Venkatarangan’s Blog [
வெங்கடரங்கன் வலைப்பதிவு]

31.    http://www.vikramlakhotia.com/ -Vikram’s
Blog – Vikram’s look at asp.net and its related technology

32.    http://www.rediff.com/getahead/index.html
-rediff Get Ahead

33.    http://vadivelk.net/weblogs -Vadi’s

34.    http://blogs.msdn.com/jobsblog/default.aspx
-Technical Careers @ Microsoft



What about your’s …are you going to downsize ..? share your
blogroll count


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IE Developer Toolbar 1.0 – Handly tool to inspect/debug webpages in IE

Today when I was going through
XML,SAX and DOM related stuffs(XML new bie), I came across DOM Inspector for
Firefox, later started searching for any free utility to debug and validate the
web pages in IE. Thanks to Jayveer for sharing this niche tool to debug WebPages in IE…interesting
and must need for developers who mesh up with tags and elements,CSS,class Id’s

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

MS made available the IE Developer Toolbar, on May 7, 2007 as an
add-on for Internet
Explorer 6
and Internet Explorer 7 that aims to aid
in design and debugging of web pages. The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar
provides several features for exploring and understanding Web pages. These
features enable you to:

  • Explore and modify the document object
    model (DOM
    ) of a
    Web page.

  • Locate and select specific
    elements on a Web page through a variety of techniques.

  • Selectively disable Internet
    Explorer settings.

  • View HTML object class names,
    ID’s, and details such as link paths, tab index values, and access keys.

  • Outline tables, table cells,
    images, or selected tags.

  • Validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS web
    feed links.

  • Display image dimensions, file
    sizes, path information, and alternate (ALT) text.

  • Immediately resize the browser
    window to a new resolution.

  • Selectively clear the browser
    cache and saved cookies. Choose from all objects or those associated with
    a given domain.

  • Display a fully featured design
    ruler to help accurately align and measure objects on your pages.

  • Find the style rules used to set
    specific style values on an element.

  • View the formatted and syntax
    colored source of HTML and CSS.

Available for download here at : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=E59C3964-672D-4511-BB3E-2D5E1DB91038&displaylang=en

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Microsoft is hosting a virtual career fair

Hi MS Dreamers,

This is followed by Windows Live message received from Priya,

Microsoft, HR, Redmond asking me to refer her blog post about virtual career fair

hosted by MS. I knew this from her blog and also created an avator for me. So hope

this could be useful if you are working towards MS career. Here is the actual message from her inbox to me.




Can you

cross reference this article on your blog?


Microsoft is hosting a virtual

career fair, please

include this link to your blogs and send this to your friends, it is going to

be in a simulated environments, where candidates will have their avtars and

there will be real recruiters and hiring managers too as avtars, meeting with

candidates and answering questions etc. It is almost as good as any career

fair, just better. The deadline to submit resumes is Monday. The candidates can

be college/industry. This is a great opportunity for you to refer your friends,

not only will they be able to submit resumes, but actually go through preliminary

interview on line. http://blogs.msdn.com/jobsblog/archive/2007/05/11/microsoft-in-second-life.aspx.

I am very proud of this cool way of attracting talent and reaching out to a

broader audience world wide. If nothing this will be a great story and a great


Thank you, Priya

Hope the above

url gives you the MS career chance, if you meet their expectation. Virtual Job

fair is not new to us, but here once you registered it will prompt you with

time slot for online appearance. All you need is Internet,patience and timing on that schedule.

Enjoy. All the


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