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Microsoft is hosting a virtual career fair

Hi MS Dreamers,

This is followed by Windows Live message received from Priya,

Microsoft, HR, Redmond asking me to refer her blog post about virtual career fair

hosted by MS. I knew this from her blog and also created an avator for me. So hope

this could be useful if you are working towards MS career. Here is the actual message from her inbox to me.




Can you

cross reference this article on your blog?


Microsoft is hosting a virtual

career fair, please

include this link to your blogs and send this to your friends, it is going to

be in a simulated environments, where candidates will have their avtars and

there will be real recruiters and hiring managers too as avtars, meeting with

candidates and answering questions etc. It is almost as good as any career

fair, just better. The deadline to submit resumes is Monday. The candidates can

be college/industry. This is a great opportunity for you to refer your friends,

not only will they be able to submit resumes, but actually go through preliminary

interview on line.

I am very proud of this cool way of attracting talent and reaching out to a

broader audience world wide. If nothing this will be a great story and a great


Thank you, Priya

Hope the above

url gives you the MS career chance, if you meet their expectation. Virtual Job

fair is not new to us, but here once you registered it will prompt you with

time slot for online appearance. All you need is Internet,patience and timing on that schedule.

Enjoy. All the



May 15, 2007 - Posted by | .NET General

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