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Win 98 – FIxlogon Tips for Security


Today my office staff(jsudip) asked me to do something to get more secure in win 98. I searched something in google, nothing is available for free. but i thought of giving FIXLOGON, once i tried in my college.

Because any once can logon to Windows(98 version) as a new user – simply by typing a new user name at the logon prompt. Or an unauthorized user can just press the Cancel button at the logon prompt. One method of fixing this problem is as follows:

Make sure you know how to reboot Windows in the safe mode. If something works not as you expected, you can always reboot your computer in the safe mode and correct the problems.

Run (RegEdit.exe).

HKEY_USERS /.Default /Software / Microsoft / windows / CurrentVersion /  Run

Create a new string value under this key and rename it to FixLogon (or use some other name if you like). (To create the string value: right-click on Run, select New – String Value from the shortcut menu, and then enter FixLogon as the name of the new entry.)
Now open the FixLogon entry you’ve just created (by double-clicking it in the right pane of the Registry Editor window) and specify the following command as its Value data:

rundll.exe user.exe,EXITWINDOWS

From now on, whenever someone logs on by pressing Cancel on the logon prompt, or by entering a new user name in the logon screen, the Windows session will be immediately terminated. The other user accounts may be used as usual.

To restore the original functionality, simply delete the FixLogon entry you’ve created.

If you want to create a new user account, you should remove the FixLogon entry before creating the account, and then restore the entry back after the new account has been created. Otherwise, the new user account would inherit all registry settings of the "default" user (including the the FixLogon entry ) and would not be accessible. (Thanks to Russ Tegen for this addition.)

This I had read once in DIGIT magazine and even tried this my college lab, but today I forced to recall that keyvalue but failed. But Thkz to winguides.com for help.


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Microsoft’s Future road maps….

Hello Frenz, Here is Microsoft future Jargon words. This was started to use this jargon words in Seminars and tech meet. You want to know this exactly?
 Before diving into answer directly, just ask your self,

what is  whidbey [ ? ]
what is  Yukon   [ ? ]
what is  Longhorn[ ? ]
what is  Winfx   [ ? ]
what is  Avalon  [ ? ]
what is  Indigo  [ ? ]
What is  ORCAS   [ ? ]
————————————————ANSWER ——————————————————

* whidbey   [ asp.net 2.0 ]
Whidbey is the codename for what is now known as Visual Studio 2005. See
And ASP.NET 2.0 is an (major) update to ASP.NET v1.1 released in 2003.

* yukon [sql 2005 ]
Yukon is the codename for what is now known as SQL Server 2005. Lot’s of new
features here too. See http://www.microsoft.com/sql/2005/default.asp.

All of the above is part of what Microsoft calls the Whidbey-wave of
products. Next is the Longhorn-wave.

* Longhorn
Most known as the codename for the next version of Microsoft Windows. See
http://msdn.microsoft.com/longhorn and

* WinFX
Name for a managed API set (see below). A starting point is
http://www.winfx247.com/. Note that Avalon and Indigo are part of WinFX.

* Avalon
New graphics subsystem. See

* Indigo
New communication subsystem/model. See

  This version of Visual studio and the .NET framework will provide tools support
for Windows operating system, code name "longhorn". In simple, this would be the
64 bit programming tool and also supports for new storage model.

From the links given above you can find *pre-release* versions to download
from Microsoft. Read all the warnings there before you install them.
for more info,

STart brewing !!


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Winamp – Internet Radio !! WOW Got it !!!


  • Great site for Music Lovers, Today i got Online radio after reading DIGIT Magazine. Its simple amazing and having plenty of station to select..hindi pop,englis,tamil etc….
  • Really Good. [ we can select 128 bit or 36 bit depends on internet speed]
  • http://www.shoutcast.com/


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My Office Machine- Detail

:: MY office  CODE ROOM machine – software detail::

1.Media Player version 10  – updated
2.Microsoft Antisyware    – Auto updated
3.MS Visual Studio .NET 2002  – Framework 1.0
 (version 1.0.3705)
4.Internet Explorer – latest Patch installed
5.outlook express 6.0  – msnews.microsoft.com [Newsgroups subscried]
6.MS office 2002 build   – Not Updated
7.System Mechanic 5.0   – Installed
8.TightVNC CLient Installed – Only admin exe
9.Visual Studio 6.0  – VB and Interdev Installed
10.Sql Server 2000  – Not updated/patch installed so for.
11.MS webmatrix Build 0.6  – Updated for existing framework
12.Mac. Dreamweaver MX  – Normal[ supports Aspx ]
13.Yahoo & MSN Messenger  – Normal, auto updated
14.FTP Total Commander 5.51 – Normal, simple
15.WinHTTrack WebCopier 3.32-2  – Normal
16.Spybot from PCWORLD  – Latest
17.Zone Alarm – Firewall  – Normal Version,Free
2 Ghz Acer Compaq,512 RAM,100 Mbps,Inbuilt Philips stereo – Machine config


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Online radio – In Winamp

Yeah its nothing but the most favourable mp3 player WINAMP. Just download the latest version of the winamp 5.x.

Goto the "Manage Playlist" menu and click "Manage Playlist" in the Playlist Editor. On the left hand menu click on the internet radio/video … Search for the channels, which includes Hindi, Punjabi, and Lots ‘n Lots of English Misuc Channels….

Enqueue the channels in your playlist and enjoii the endless streaming music….


http://www.mohankumars.com/html/radiopopup.html  – Online radio [ really superb ]



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IE search settings in Regedit – Tips 3

~~Cool Tips ~~

There is a cool discovery (not by me :-)) which I would like to share with you all…
If you modify the registry settings of Internet Explorer then you can achieve the following results…

eg. If you want to search for "cyberiafreak" on google then simply in the IE address bar you can type

g "cyberiafreak"

or if you want to search the meaning of smother in dictionary you can do some setting like

d hack

msdn asp.net lifecycle

Now have a quick look at the settings that you will have to do in the registry… For ease I am pasing my exported registry… Copy paste the below text in a notepad and save it as "IEQuickLaunch.reg"… After saving it double click on the file which will import the settings to the registry… Do note that you will have to be the admin of your machine to change the registry settings…


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl\d]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl\g]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl\msdn]


The above settings will get you the following shortcuts, you can then add your own…

1.) g searchword [will search google with search word]
2.) d searchword [will search dictionary with search word]
3.) msdn searchword [will search msdn with search word]


Mahe ~

Src : from wintips blog

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