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Win 98 – FIxlogon Tips for Security


Today my office staff(jsudip) asked me to do something to get more secure in win 98. I searched something in google, nothing is available for free. but i thought of giving FIXLOGON, once i tried in my college.

Because any once can logon to Windows(98 version) as a new user – simply by typing a new user name at the logon prompt. Or an unauthorized user can just press the Cancel button at the logon prompt. One method of fixing this problem is as follows:

Make sure you know how to reboot Windows in the safe mode. If something works not as you expected, you can always reboot your computer in the safe mode and correct the problems.

Run (RegEdit.exe).

HKEY_USERS /.Default /Software / Microsoft / windows / CurrentVersion /  Run

Create a new string value under this key and rename it to FixLogon (or use some other name if you like). (To create the string value: right-click on Run, select New – String Value from the shortcut menu, and then enter FixLogon as the name of the new entry.)
Now open the FixLogon entry you’ve just created (by double-clicking it in the right pane of the Registry Editor window) and specify the following command as its Value data:

rundll.exe user.exe,EXITWINDOWS

From now on, whenever someone logs on by pressing Cancel on the logon prompt, or by entering a new user name in the logon screen, the Windows session will be immediately terminated. The other user accounts may be used as usual.

To restore the original functionality, simply delete the FixLogon entry you’ve created.

If you want to create a new user account, you should remove the FixLogon entry before creating the account, and then restore the entry back after the new account has been created. Otherwise, the new user account would inherit all registry settings of the "default" user (including the the FixLogon entry ) and would not be accessible. (Thanks to Russ Tegen for this addition.)

This I had read once in DIGIT magazine and even tried this my college lab, but today I forced to recall that keyvalue but failed. But Thkz to for help.



March 29, 2005 - Posted by | Power Toys - Personal

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