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Poor people have big TVs.. Rich people have big libraries…

Hi all,
 I h’ve been receiving daily inspirational mail from Mountainwings.com for quite few years. Even though I’m not a christian, I really love those daily mails carrying interesting stuff about our daily personal things and morals, which will make my day often. This post is also related to today’s post on Big TV.
This post is followed by my : Decided to giveup TV – Yes
Src: Today’s Inspirational mail from Mountainwings.com carries news on ANTI Tv. I love it, hope you like this..
Big TV?
Dr. James Twitchell, author of The Carnival Culture, says that in our culture "the average boy or girl will spend more time in front of the electronic babysitter by the time they are age six than they will in conversation with their father …for the REST OF THEIR LIVES."
The average male in the United States will not read a single book cover to cover after they leave high school.
The average person spends four hours a day watching television.
       So, if you live to be 72 years old, that’s a dozen years of your life you will spend watching OTHER people become millionaires.
Zig Ziglar calls TV the "income reducer and the morality buster."
Jim Rome says that "poor people have big TVs, rich people have big libraries.
Gene Roddenbery, the creator of Star Trek, was giving a commencement address at Indiana University.  He said, "Television exists for one reason and one reason only."    To entertain?  To inform?  To educate?
"No, to SELL you something."   Think about it!
What you say..? do you want to watch others becoming rich or really going to push yourself..DECIDE. Really it makes sense…

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Microsoft ISV Community Days, Sep 26,Blr – Event Highlights

Hi all,
 Since I registered for MS ISV Seminar, Yesterday myself and Jayveer(http://blogs.wdevs.com/jayaveer) attended the ISV day event at Hotel Orchid[www.royalorchidhotels.com] Bangalore. This event was specifically for companies who want to empower themselves by Microsoft in development and support (ISV – Independent Software Vendors). They used to demonstrate new technologies and tools to their software vendors and partners.
Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office System are going to be two of the biggest product releases that Microsoft has ever made. Both these products offer tremendous opportunities for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) / Solution Developers to create next generation of exciting applications. This time they have shown WPF,Office 2007,MOS, Infopath etc. Event start around 9.00 AM with Registration,We registered ourself and gone for a walk around the hotel ORchid, Rollsroyce parked at reception was the eyecatchin to all.
Starts @ 10 AM – Keynote,Roadmap,Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office System demo –  by Deepak Gulati (www.deepakg.com)
I.About WPF,Why we need WPF? 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM
 * a declarative language for developing Crispy UI.
 * Rendered by Vector graphics.So no matter what your resolution. Its a composition of .NET framework and DirectX to develop vector based UI.
 * suits for developing rich UI for games, product demo, albumns etc
XAML : declarative lang  for WPF and more into XAMl PAD,Routed Event Handler, Layout etc
Here is the some of the points shared during the demo :
II. Developing 2007 Microsoft Office Client Solution 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM
   Normal menubars and toolbars in office 2007 has been replaced by a new UI paradigm called the "Ribbon".
 * how you can extend the Ribbon
 * build custom Task Panes and use ADO.NET databind from within the Office applications etc.
III. post lunch session was Building Solutions with InfoPath 2007 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM
 what’s new in Infopath 2007 and how we can work with newly introduced Forms Services to reach out a broader range of clients –
including web browsers etc
 * Visual Studio .NET Shared Add In and VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) Add In
 * Extending Ribbon, Creating custom Action pane and task pane.
IV. Business Intelligence(BI) – Using MS Office 2007 System 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM By Sarvesh Paliwal (paliwal@microsoft.com)
* new Excel services, exposing the excel document as functions & Webservices
* No need to have excel in the client machine to consume this service* supports like IE latest 7.
* integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server(MOSS)
* Office System as a powerful reporting
At the end of the event, we all got Windows Vista RC1 (2 DVD’s – 32 bit and 64 bit edition). I’m planning to install this new build. I have already tried out 5112 buid. Hope atleast this build will work faster than earlier one.
Deepak concluded saying, event PPt’s will be shared in ISV page after the completion of the same event in other cities.

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One more blog star contest from Hyderabad UPA ! – Register soon

Hi all,
   Hyderabad Chapter of UPA has announced a competition to recognize aesthetics and usability of personnel web sites & Blogs.If you have a blog or personal website, submit your URL for this contest by clicking the below address. 
"UPA-Web Personality"
      Personal Web site, All India category: This category is open to all Indian designers residing in any part of India.
      Personal Web site, AP category: This category is open only for residents of Andhra Pradesh State, India.
"UPA-Blog Star"
      Best Blog, All India Category: This category is open to all resident Indian residing in any part of India. Last date is October 5th.

Contest Details :  http://www.upahyderabad.org/competition.htm & Registration http://www.upahyderabad.org/memberregister.htm

src via :kiruba’s blog

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Importace of obfuscation in .NET..?

Hi all,
    I have seen and used Reflector to Decompile certain control libraries from Net to understand the Crux of the Dll. The same way I used to dig more into String libraries and some of Devx libraries to understand the implementation to create custom libraries.
Any user who has legacy application’s assemblies can use a tool like Lutz Roeder’s Reflector (www.aisto.com/roeder/dotnet) to decompile the assembly’s intermediate language back to C# or VB code.
  But How to Stop them decompiling ?  Here is the Obfuscation comes into picture. It prevents the user to Decompile the Dll, even they try they will be end with binaries and junks. So its useless for them.
   An application’s source code can be protected from decompilers by using a technique called obfuscation. Obfuscation is the process of modifying the intermediate language generated by the compiler into a form that is functionally identical to the original code, but is difficult if not impossible to decompile back into a high-level language.
Decompilation—the process of turning the compiled syntax back into a high-level syntax—is especially easy with technologies such as the Microsoft® .NET Framework and Java.

Advantage of Reflector/Decompiling :
 a) One can greatly expertise in understanding the Dll code.
 b) Reveals the crux of the Dll
 c) Provides clear understanding of the code they’ve written.
 d) Encourages anyone to go for their own Datagrid or control by looking into the existing one.

 a) Breaks even the copyrighted Dll infomation also.
 b) Affects companies hardwork and logic spent on developing those coded Dll.
 c) Easy to release a kind of Dll by developing/implementing the same logic what they have done.
 d) Affects companies growth and privacy, copyright etc.
       Will you agree that Obfuscation is mandatory for all..?

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Wanna be a MS Blogstar !!

 Yes, Its a Good news for all MS Bloggers from India. Today MS India announced “Microsoft BlogStars” contest for MS Tech bloggers in India. If you are a Tech blogger register your URL with them. Its as simple like registration,…
Register for the contest right here @  http://www.microsoft.com/india/blogstars I got a MSDN flash mail from them carrying this news. So hurry up and get register.

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Windows Vista Developer Center – redesinged

Now Windows Vista Developer Center(MSDN) link is redesigned. Its worth to bookmark for further expedition on Windows Vista.
catch you all later with more news on it.

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