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Experience Photoshop Express Beta !!

Just few days back I’ve come across Adobe’s new initiative called
PhotoShop Express (Beta). http://www.photoshop.com/express
for online photo editing and storage. I felt it as a great place to edit our photo’s
where photo editing is required without Photoshop. Here it in nutshell some of
the features,

(1) Organize, Edit & Share your photo gallery upto 2 GB
for FREE. But subscription is on the way Hot

(2) Drag and drop support.

(3) Supports custom URL for sharing

(4) Requires Flash Player 9, you can
crop, rotate, and touch up our images easily with minimum clicks.

(5) And also
supports integration with photo-sharing websites like picasa, facebook etc. so
you can download and start playing…..Overall, worth to have an account and try
out their new initiative and their ideas poured in itNerd.

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.NET 3.5 Framework Distribution Size

I’m wondering how many us know Framework 3.5 Distribution size.Nerd.?? But I’m surprised to see whooping..197 MB..OMG..
.NET Framework 1.0: 19.7MB
.NET Framework 1.1: 23.1MB
.NET Framework 2.0: 22.4MB
.NET Framework 3.0: 50.3MB ( x86 )
.NET Framework 3.0: 90.1MB ( x64 )
.NET Framework 3.5: 197.0MBHot
(via) Ricks’ Blog

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Microsoft the Contest Machine

Can you guess how many contests are there from Microsoft..? on average 1.6 contest/weekHot. Really
impressive marketing technique by MS. Here is the list of contest run by
Microsoft this season – http://blogs.msdn.com/danielfe/archive/2008/03/17/microsoft-the-contest-machine.aspx.
out of this i know only imagine cup contest, but rest all seems to be area
specific…lets try by clicking all these links atleast
Smile (Via) Dan Fernandez’s

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Add explore.exe to VS Tools menu – Tips

We often required to browse the currently working project file for
copying or any kind of file activities. Here is the niche tips which would help
us to do without any geek stuff.

[ In VS 2005 ]

To set it up,
click Tools,
then External
, then click Add
Now enter the following data:
Title: Windows Explorer
Command: explorer.exe
Arguments: /select,"$(ItemPath)"

Leave Initial directoy
blank, and click OK.  Now when you click Tools,
, Windows Explorer will open with the
current file you are editing selected.

(via) http://dotnettipoftheday.org/

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Register for MS Architecure days in Bangalore,Chennai,H’bad.

Register for Microsoft Architect Days event in your cities
here- hurry up – http://www.msarchitecturedays.com/
( * Only for Architect & aspiring architects )

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All your DataGridView search ends here…!!

For the past 2 weeks, I’m feeling completely lost and
many times stuck up when I try to achieve something like in third party
gridview. Highly recommend for ASP.NET 2.0 (DataGridView
) new bie’s

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