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30 Smart Time Management Tips and Tricks ( read from source )


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Welcome to my new home !!

Thanks to Microsoft for this smooth transition of previous post from live spaces. I always wish and jealous on wordpress flexibility, now got it and happy to see my blogrolls.
Thanks a ton,

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WPF Grid controls requires two click event.

Problem : Controls inside the WPF grid requires two click events to respond or to set active.

Context: Let assume, you’ve got checkboxes inside the WPF grid generated runtime by AutoGenerateColumns=”true” feature. On first click of the grid checkbox, you would expect the control to be checked, but not the case. It will take 2 click events to select the checkbox state to “Checked”.

Solution : There is a workaround to tunnel the event to the actual control. Here is the article explained already in detail along with code.

 Link : http://wpf.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Single-Click%20Editing&ANCHOR

Any other workaround do you see here?

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