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"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho

My 500′ th blog post from the past 10 years of blogging !! – Awesome

Year 2014 is something unforgettable in my career and personal life.
Yes, I moved to a newer job, second daughter “Mahanya” arrived, got leaner, becoming vegan, enjoying being single, enjoy preparing fish. I enjoy kesar sunday tea and jilabi’s – one of my weekend stress buster. Coming back, I don’t usually think about the past(reviewing year) and also not good at that. But wanted to have a checkpoint in life to see from the huge list of things I succeeded and failed in 2014. Life is too fast and most of us don’t have time to relax and look back.

Few important things I learned during this first 10 year of my career. 

1) Be focused and persistent from the day one.
2) Stay Focused on what matters the most and leave the rest.
3) Nothing wrong in Jack of all than master of one – you should aware of your battle card and ignore your peers good at it.
4) My hobbies changed every year, thinking changed – really slowing down. I can feel that.
5) Becoming techie 🙂 I have not changed a bit from my college days..
6) Penny saved is penny earned
7) Focus on only on things which you can change and influence.
8) Thanks to Sapient and Thomson for shaping my financial knowledge. Oh yeah – I can be your trusted advisor too
9) Not lucky enough to use my passport, had always mixed feeling – but right now I am not worried a bit.
10) Anti TV and still going on..

What I learned in 2014
1) “Persistence”, “Confident” and “focus” – “NEVER GIVE UP”
2) 2014 absolutely no travel and less fun, more work and no family life
3) Got Leaner – trimmed those extra those 5 Kg
4) Feedemon is my constant weekend buster to find a good reading stuff.- thanks for that.
5) Plan for the day ahead. These days, my calendar drives my work and schedules
6) Commute to work by Office cab, timing changed to NA hours(EST)
7) Particpiated in Office Hackathon – attempted “Search and paste”
8) Set the right expectation, say “no” at the right place
9) You know what, my 2014 hobbie is listening music – Bose at home.
10) Learned some internals of Microsoft Stack technologies and debugging tools.

> Machine learning dumped it
> Failed at one of the internal key movement
> No certification/coursera
> Closed Metroskillz training business
> No rain and zero business- driest year so far I have seen

I am excited about 2015- absolutely looking forward to do some cool things in both personal and career.
1) Azure, Azure and Azure – develop these skills required for consulting & Develop some cool free office apps
2) Stay always focused and explore the connecting dots
3) Plan for at least 2 vacation with family
4) MS certification
5) Hard work never fails
6) Buy a cycle

For me, 2014 was a great year. I have really enjoyed blogging for the last ten years by exploring things which is interesting to me always. I am not going to give up.. I am sure you too..

# good luck mikky ! best wishes ! lot of sleepless night and hard work will pay you some day. ## Keep going – I am proud of your energy even after 16 hours+ of sitting..### You are different, doer !!

Cyberiafreak – MS 10.33 AM…Life is beautiful.. Trust it. …hackoo 🙂 exiting..

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Languages features in C# 6 and VB 14


Feature Example C# VB
Auto-property initializers public int X { get; set; } = x; Added Exists
Getter-only auto-properties public int Y { get; } = y; Added Added
Ctor assignment to getter-only autoprops Y = 15 Added Added
Parameterless struct ctors Structure S : Sub New() : End Sub : End Structure Added Added
Using static members using System.Console; … Write(4); Added Exists
Dictionary initializer new JObject { [“x”] = 3, [“y”] = 7 } Added No
Await in catch/finally try … catch { await … } finally { await … } Added No
Exception filters catch(E e) if (e.Count > 5) { … } Added Exists
Partial modules Partial Module M1 N/A Added
Partial interfaces Partial Interface I1 Exists Added
Multiline string literals “Hello<newline>World” Exists Added
Year-first date literals Dim d = #2014-04-03# N/A Added
Line continuation comments Dim addrs = From c in Customers ‘ comment N/A Added
TypeOf IsNot If TypeOf x IsNot Customer Then … N/A Added
Expression-bodied members public double Dist => Sqrt(X * X + Y * Y); Added No
Null propagation customer?.Orders?[5]?.$price Added Added
String interpolation $”{p.First} {p.Last} is {p.Age} years old.” Added* Planned
nameof operator string s = nameof(Console.Write); Added* Planned
#pragma #Disable Warning BC40008 Added Added
Smart name resolution N/A Added
ReadWrite props can implement ReadOnly Exists Added
#region inside methods Exists Added
Overloads inferred from Overrides N/A Added
CObj in attributes Exists Added
CRef and parameter name Exists Added
Extension Add in collection initializers Added Exists
Improved overload resolution Added N/A

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Troubleshooting masterpiece by Mark Russinovich – Weekend Read. (from TechEd NA-2014)

It is always funny, geeky, informative and casual when listening to Mark Russinovich Tech-ed session. It made my weekend 🙂

Be sure to watch this – especially blue screen one. http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2014/WIN-B354#fbid=

Mark Russinovich.jpg

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