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Microsoft Tech·Ed India 2010 TOP ARCHITECT – Contest


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I was there @ David’s Azure World Tour 2009, Blr

Yes I made it finally after a long gap myself attending MS event in Bangalore. It was a great learning to be part of "David" session on Azure world tour.
Session 1: Win Azure platform :  A perspective by David Chappell
Session 2: Using Win Azure platform : Scenarios by David Chappell
He is a cloud computing rock star and great speaker who knows in and out of Cloud computing at the moment.
The comparison was amazing and he did his part without
biased on MS. He talked about offerings of Amazon, Google, Salesforce,
MS etc in a simple and understandable way with neat slides.
Few things which I’ve scribbled and would like to share.
  + W.Azure – Provides a Win-based environment for running applications
and storing data on servers in Microsoft data centers. ( platform as
service, as of now no VNC like Amazon). It’s a platform for running Windows applications and storing their data in the cloud.  Web Roles and Worker Roles and how-to use them.
3 types – Blobs, Queues, Tables. Worker role instance isn’t allowed to have any incoming
network connections. It receives its input only from a Web role
instance. Instances communicate via the Windows Azure Fabric or the Windows Azure Storage. Web role instances communicate via
HTTP with external entities, like a Web browser, for instance. Just a Web server running on multiple machines, upload
your sln and config files, rest it will do the scaling etc.
  + Microsoft .NET Services – Offers distributed infrastructure
services to cloud-based and local applications. ( Naming is bit
confusing one, but the same regular stuff )
  + MS SQL Services – Provides data services in the cloud based on SQL Server.  
Sesson 3 & 4: Windows Azure : Serendipity, product demo  by Sudhir Mody,
He gave a neat description about Azure real time implementation and
hands on code, deployment etc. He has already spoke about this in Teched 2009, Here is those slides for
Few links to read further :,

As a free handout, MS provided VPC image in a DVD to practice Azure programming, I’ve got an extra DVD with me, ping me if you want one. The virtual machine contains the following software pre-installed and configured,
           Windows 7 Release candidate, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition SP1
           Visual C# 2008 Express Edition SP1, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition SP1 (Instance Name .\SQLExpress)
           Windows Azure SDK v1.0, Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2008 1.0
Note: Unfortunately the VPC is not getting booted in my desktop
for some reason, still trying to fix but no use. Will check in Laptop and see…by the way..just dropped a mail to Rajinish Menon, MS regarding
this. Let me know if anyone faces the same issue with that VPC copy provided.

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All your DataGridView search ends here…!!

For the past 2 weeks, I’m feeling completely lost and
many times stuck up when I try to achieve something like in third party
gridview. Highly recommend for ASP.NET 2.0 (DataGridView
) new bie’s

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Life At Microsoft – The Truth Revealed

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Get register for VS 2008 launch !

of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008
March 4: Bangalore ,  March 5: Mumbai
, March 7: Delhi –
Hurry up, Limited seats only …Nerd.

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IASA India Launch – Sponsored by Microsoft

Are you an Architect or Interested in Architect..??

*Register Here
Event agenda
09:00 – 09:30 AM – Event Registration
09:30 – 09:45 AM – Chapter Inauguration – Lighting the Lamp
09:45 – 11:00 AM – Paul Preiss on ‘The Profession of Architecture’
11:00 – 11:15 AM – Tea
11:15 – 12:15 PM – Vivek Bhatnagar on ‘Software as Services (SaaS) – Architectural Guidance & Issues’
12:15 – 01:15 PM – Aaron Tan Dani on ‘Strategic Enterprise Architecture’
01:15 – 02:15 PM – Networking Lunch
02:15 – 03:15 PM – Chapter Leader Keynote
03:15 – 03:30 PM – Tea
03:30 – 04:00 PM – Shankar Kambhampatty on ‘Opportunities for Architects in India’
04:00 – 05:00 PM – Panel discussion on ‘Opportunities for Architects in India’ with industry experts
05:00 – 05:30 PM – Closing Keynote
Paul Preiss on ‘The Profession of Architecture’

Src : 

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OpenSourceSymposium 2006 – Register

Hi all,
     Open Source has reached a level of awareness and deployment that Red Hat together with IDC is bringing you the inaugural Open Source Symposium (OSS) 2006. This is THE show that will introduce you to the solutions and technologies available from the open source world.
For the first time in 14 Asia Pacific cities, come hear from the the Linux community, customers, developers, users, Red Hat and its partners about the challenges, the challengers, ground breaking technology and trends.
In conjunction with the Open Source Symposium, Red Hat is holding an Executive Forum and Red Hat Developer Day in selected cities for topical discussions.
For more information on Red Hat Developer Day and Executive Forum, please click:

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Microsoft ISV Community Days, Sep 26,Blr – Event Highlights

Hi all,
 Since I registered for MS ISV Seminar, Yesterday myself and Jayveer( attended the ISV day event at Hotel Orchid[] Bangalore. This event was specifically for companies who want to empower themselves by Microsoft in development and support (ISV – Independent Software Vendors). They used to demonstrate new technologies and tools to their software vendors and partners.
Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office System are going to be two of the biggest product releases that Microsoft has ever made. Both these products offer tremendous opportunities for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) / Solution Developers to create next generation of exciting applications. This time they have shown WPF,Office 2007,MOS, Infopath etc. Event start around 9.00 AM with Registration,We registered ourself and gone for a walk around the hotel ORchid, Rollsroyce parked at reception was the eyecatchin to all.
Starts @ 10 AM – Keynote,Roadmap,Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office System demo –  by Deepak Gulati (
I.About WPF,Why we need WPF? 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM
 * a declarative language for developing Crispy UI.
 * Rendered by Vector graphics.So no matter what your resolution. Its a composition of .NET framework and DirectX to develop vector based UI.
 * suits for developing rich UI for games, product demo, albumns etc
XAML : declarative lang  for WPF and more into XAMl PAD,Routed Event Handler, Layout etc
Here is the some of the points shared during the demo :
II. Developing 2007 Microsoft Office Client Solution 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM
   Normal menubars and toolbars in office 2007 has been replaced by a new UI paradigm called the "Ribbon".
 * how you can extend the Ribbon
 * build custom Task Panes and use ADO.NET databind from within the Office applications etc.
III. post lunch session was Building Solutions with InfoPath 2007 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM
 what’s new in Infopath 2007 and how we can work with newly introduced Forms Services to reach out a broader range of clients –
including web browsers etc
 * Visual Studio .NET Shared Add In and VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) Add In
 * Extending Ribbon, Creating custom Action pane and task pane.
IV. Business Intelligence(BI) – Using MS Office 2007 System 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM By Sarvesh Paliwal (
* new Excel services, exposing the excel document as functions & Webservices
* No need to have excel in the client machine to consume this service* supports like IE latest 7.
* integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server(MOSS)
* Office System as a powerful reporting
At the end of the event, we all got Windows Vista RC1 (2 DVD’s – 32 bit and 64 bit edition). I’m planning to install this new build. I have already tried out 5112 buid. Hope atleast this build will work faster than earlier one.
Deepak concluded saying, event PPt’s will be shared in ISV page after the completion of the same event in other cities.

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Got Prize for SecurityShootout – MS Book and T-Shirt

Yes, I am one among 1000 winner in this shootout contest conducted my MS. Last week I got my contest prize through courier to my native town "SALEM" and my parents were surprised and thrilled to accept the T-Shirt and MS book. I would like to thank to MS for this initiative to support more people into this.
Security Shootout >>  Security Shootout is a unique Microsoft India initiative to promote the concept of writing secure codes amongst Indian developers. To make learning fun and also rewarding we are launching this contest targeted at all developers based out of India
Anyone cleared the Stage II and Stage III..?

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MS India TechEd 2006 – Register

Hi all,

MS TechEd India 2006 is on the way to India. If you get a chance, try to get register.

Start to catch this event details right here..totally its a three day event..First 2 days for developers and last day for IT professionals. Tech•Ed 2006 India travels across six cities in the month of June – New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. or

Bangalore dates. – June 22,23,24

Until keep counting !


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Selected for the Stage II – Securityshootout Contest

Hi all,
Today I know that MS is publishing the Shootout contest result , so I was expecting the result in their website, but before this, they sent out mail saying that I’ve cleared the STAGE I …and feeling happy to share with you all….if anyone got the same …do share it here..??
Here is the actual mail from Microsoft
Dear Mahesh Kumar.R,
Thank you for participating in Stage 1 of Security Shootout contest!
We are delighted to inform you that you are one of the top 1000 contestants to be short listed to participate in Stage 2 of Security shootout.
Please accept our congratulations. Visit for more details.
We wish you all the best for Stage 2 of the Security Shootout contest. In Stage 2, you will be required to answer 30 questions in 60 minutes, which gives you a whole 2 minutes to answer each question! For every correct answer you will get 4 marks and for every wrong answer you will loose 1 mark. You can appear for the exam on any day between 22nd April 00:00 and 30th April 2006 24:00. We will be announcing the names of the top 100 qualifiers to stage 3 on 2nd May 2006.
You have a chance to win Custom-build Scorpio Passion and many more prizes!! So, get the guns going; happy Security Shooting!!
Wishing you all the best for stage 2.
Thanks & Regards
Security Shootout Team
Waitin for the Stage 2 contest….wish me good luck …
More news @ src :

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I was there in Palace Ground for BILL GATES VISIT –

I was there in Palace Ground on DEC 9,2005 for Billgates visit. It was such a great day for developers to celebrate his visit . I reached P.Ground 10 AM in morning and got registered & We were waited upto 2.30 PM for the program start. After Rock Song by Parikrama, Gates appeared on the stage with colourfull lights focussing him. Crowd stand up for great applause to welcome him and to honour. Then he gave speech on latest IT Trends and importance of IT & few slides about SQL and VS 2005 also.
 He also announced about "Code4bill" contest for student community, Top 20 students will be offered a two month internship at Microsoft,top lucky winner will get to work with Bill Gates. Contest Starts from January 2006 to March 2006.For more Info –   It is again like idea of Google’s CODE JAM  2005
After his speech, Gaurav Khanna and his team presented demo on VS 2005. Exactly @ 4.30 we started moving for DIGITAL lifestyle exhibition  inaugurated by Gates on the same Palace Ground. Nothing special about it, but Windows Media Center Edition 2005 was the crowd puller,various companies showcased Media edition loaded hardwares. finally I had a great weekend which starts with bad accident ,training from microsoft,good news from SRIT and finally gates
Keep going guru !!  🙂

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Parikrama presents SuperHero to Microsoft (DEC 9 )

Parikrama with a rock song just for our Indian developers. Called `Superhero’ the song is about the life of a programmer. Download now, and Get Ready to Rock!
More news at the source… Download Songs and MP3 here

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My Diary scribblings on MS Event – Nov 2005

My recent MS events Diary scribbles–
I. Performant application in .NET by G.Khanna

(1) String Builder
  Avoid ‘+’ for concatenating string and always use StringBuilder for appending string.
   StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();
   sb.Append("This is must");
   sb.Append("for performance");
   string sql=sb.ToString();
(2) Finalizers
  public void Dispose()
 use finalize() with dispose
(3) Generics
   Simply datatype changing ( no algorthimic change )
(4) weak reference
 Presentation and demo is available @
— performance explorer, clrprofiler
— Gen0,Gen1,Gen2,LargeObjectHeap – Garbage collector
II. Debuggin in VS2005
 (1).Debug – set debug breakpoint, filters etc
 (2).Tracing – inserting tracepoints like trace breakpoints – System.Diagnostic.tracelogs
 (3).Datatips – dataset visualizer
  For Team comm,Quality,Desg for operation,platform for innovation
 *VSTS – connected with VS Team Foundation server
  {somewat like MPP – Microsoft project professional }
III. Windows Foundation Framework (Indigo)

Distributed Technology
 1.System Messaging – message oriented process
 2..NET REmoting – extensibility,location, transparency
 3. ASMX -webservice (share scheme), stateless- Interop with other platforms
 4. Enterprise service – Attribute based programming
 5. WSE – protocol support

SOA (thought process) OOA (Technical process):
 Services are – Operational boundary
       autorouting itself
            single entry
            redirected to cost effective
 SOA Architecture :
 * Simplex, Duplex, Request / reply
 WCF – Building and managing, Unified programming model,broadly interopera..
[ lot of new jargons noted in my diary – remoting,Indigo,System Messaging, WSDL -proxy, Webservices, Ent-services, named
pipes ]
[Abbr : SOA, WSE, WCF, UDDI, WS – Discoverer ..{ classid,prog id, GUID }
WinFX Runtime Components –
Visual Studio Extensions for WinFX –
XQuery- Bdot session srinivas sampath 
 Querying XML datatype or XML colum from DB *SQL 2005
 * Structure of XQuery : Prolog, Body
 * SQL Type methods
     – Query
     – Value
     – Exist
     – Nodes
     – modify 
 Example : Declare @X XML
           set @X='<books><book></book></books>’
  select @x.query(‘</book>’)
src 😦
blog :
(1) WinFX -A managed-code programming model
(2) Windows Presentation Foundation – unified presentation subsystem (AVALON)
(3) Windows Communication Foundation – next-generation Web services technology (Indigo)
All this for my reference…

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Ready for launch in Bangalore – VS2005,SQL2005,BIZ2006

 READY for Launch Tour of VS 2005,SQL and BizStalk 2006 – Bangalore

09 December 2005 15:00 – 09 December 2005 16:00 (GMT+05:30) India

Palace Ground ,The Bangalore Palace,PO-193 Vasanth Nagar Bangalore 560052,India

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Microsoft ISV Community Days,BLR, Sep 20 – My review

Microsoft ISV Community Days : Bangalore : September 20, 2005
Le Meridien, Sankey Road ,Time : 10.00 AM – 4.30 PM
Keynote :
MS Product Roadmap, MS & Nasscom suport for marketing products from India and also he stressed our Indian products quality importance to global markets.
More details about MS Quality Assurance prog at :
Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) – MS guidance for Designing prodcuts :
Session I :
Data Binding in Winforms 2.0 – VS 2005 by Rajiv Sodhi,a developer evangelist, India
(1) Datasource Window – drag and drop creating instances of Dataset,Tableadapter,Binding source
     [ In VS 2005 Beta2 Editor, Data >  show data sources-Shift+ALt+D ] to display the Datasource pane.
(2) Strongly typed dataset ..? – Advantage and Usage
(3) Table Adapter..? – expln
(4) Binding Source..? – expln
(5) Record navigation..? -expln
(6) master-detail scenarios are handled with ease
(7) OBJECT DATA BINDING – single obj, binding list,generic..
More details at source :
  Overall : Its a really very good, informative, mindblowing session from Rajiv,he’s Smart & admiring person.
Session II :
Reporting Services in Sql Server – Vs 2005 by Rajiv Sodhi

(1) Server-based reporting solution – author, manage, Web–based reports.
    [ In VS 2005, New project > Business Intelligence Project > (sample.rdl)
    RDL – new language defined for reporting called reporing definition language. It is provided with powerfull editor for data,source and previewing the reports in VS 2005.
(3) Report management..?
(4) Report Delivery..supports multiple formats [ html,word,pdf,xml,csv,email,tiff] and also thru pull and push
(5) Report services – two modes {Server mode,local mode}
(6) Report viewer – accepts RDLC as input. rep.def.lan for client
* Reporting services for SQL is available as serparte download from MS website.
Session III
Data Driven appln in ASP.NET 2.0 – by  Deepak gulati, blog @
(1) Fundamentals of data access
(2) Topics covered include binding to a SQL database- performing sorting, paging, update, insert, and delete operations;
(3) Building data access and business object layers.
(4) Rendering customization using templates,performance through caching
Overall its a good for VS 2005 beta 2 users.Presentation is going to publish in deepak check out his blog for presentation and demo source.
Anyone looks for more resources..just comment it below..

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Microsoft ISV Community days in India – Get register soon

Microsoft is launching two of its biggest products for the developer community shortly this year –

Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.

ISV Community Days give you an opportunity to dive deeper into these products before they hit the market.

Hurry! Seats are limited. Register for this event by calling the numbers given above or replying to (There are no registration/attendance charges)

09:30 AM – 10:00 AM
10:30 AM – 11:45 AM
 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
11:45 AM – 01:00 PM
 Windows Forms: Making the most of WinForms 2.0 Data Binding
01:00 PM – 02:00 PM
 Lunch Break
02:15 PM – 03:45 PM
 ASP.NET 2.0: Building Data-Driven Web Sites in ASP.NET 2.0

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