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Very first Blog about .NET – BDOTNET

Hi guyz,,,:) I"M BLOOGGGGGGGing……- SIS india,b’lore

Finally i decided to blog in my space. i got some time to blog, here is the yesterdays seminar details conducted by BDOTNET, bangalore.
Session 1: Regular expressions
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Speaker: Sridhar, Aditi Technologies, Bangalore.
Regular expressions are a powerful tool for searching and processing text, and even in its simplest form, can make many complex tasks easy…

Session 2: ASP.NET Tips n Tricks
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Speaker: Saravana K, HP India

Venue: ThoughtWorks India.
5th Floor, Tower D, Corporate Block, Diamond District,
Airport Road, Bangalore, INDIA
(Opposite to TGIF Restaurant & near Domlur flyover construction)

***************First Session
ϛ i reached there @ sharply 6.58 and had snacks b4 the session. First was about REgular expression, its really big issue when we parse using normal code. But gudoos to .NET team, yes we already have name space called System.Text.RegularExpressions.
ϛ And he shared about the History and Geography of Regular expression, in which he mentioned KleeneStar, who invented the (*) in computing.
ϛ .NET comes with the unique feature of comparison, i mean rigth to left comparison.
ϛ Here is the some syntax and methods for performing regular expressions.

Regex r;
r. IsMatch;
ϛ here is the link they suggested for regular expression, http://www.regexlib.com, http://www.regexpression.net
**********************Second Session
ϛ Tips and Tricks using ASP.NET by Sarvan
1.path resolving using ~ symbol for path
2.runat =server for automatic path traversaal
3.Httprequest.currentExecutionFilePath –
HTTPRequest.Rawurl – =—————–
context.RewritePath – =—————–

4.RegisterclientScript –

tag for datagrid , overflow =auto
6. Button.Attributes.add("onclick","return java()")
7. REgisterhiddenField("__scrs","0")
8. thebody.scrolltop; to retain the datagrid scroled positiion..
9. How 2 transfer the redirection to intermediate page until query is processed…
|—————————— |
| Page 1 ::: submittin query |
| (redirecting to 2.aspx | -> page load of 2 we are writing location.href ="

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