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How to view assemblies in GAC as like Explorer files and folders

If you navigate to Assembly folder say C:\Windows\assembly in Explorer, you could see the assemblies without folder structure where as you will see a structured directories like GAC_32, GAC_MSIL, Nativeimages, tmp folders in Command prompt. If you want to browse the GAC like any other folder structure. you can try this simple regedit entry-
Create a DWORD value named “DisableCacheViewer” and set it to value 1 under reghives -HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion
Now explore to c:\windows\assembly, you will see something like this


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Browsing .NET Reference Source

Finally, .NET team announced online version of .NET assembly references. Yes, You can browse through any of the .NET class library code easily.

Link –

For core lib’s –

Read in detail at –

Update: Now is updated with easier interface.

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Bing Code Search for C#

The Bing Code Search add-in for Visual Studio 2013 makes it easier for .NET developers to search for and reuse code samples from across the coding community, including MSDNStackOverflowDotnetperls and CSharp411.

Bing Code Search improves developer productivity and speed by bringing the experience of searching for reusable C# code into Visual Studio IDE.

Here is an excellent online portal to try this out.. 

Note: Oops this works only with VS 2013 😦

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How to get Outlook PST path quickly with an exe.

About GetPst.exe tool in action. Read here – 

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