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Notable difference between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007

Howdy all,

Yesterday I happen to copy 1 lakh
rows from Sql table to Excel for data validation, interestingly I couldn’t
find rows after 65536 ( I knew excel supports only 2^16 rows, brushing aside this,
I declared looping variable to 1 Lk and end up with wasting time in debugging.
So decided to post about excel 2003 capability and 2007 solution for this.

Feature                                                                 Excel
2003           |               Excel 2007

Maximum columns                                             256  
                      |               16 Thousand

Maximum rows                                                    64
Thousand        |               1 Million

Max number of function arg                              30                           |

Formula Length                                   1 Thousand          |
              8 Thousand char

No. of levels of nesting -formulas    7 
                            |               64

to MS Excel Team for pushing the Excel 2007 to a maximum level

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Simple Solution – Complicated Problem

Reg: MoutainWings Daily Inspirational News Letter

been subscribed to mountainwings.com (daily inspirational newsletter) for the
past 5 years (Thanks to Ann for introducing this to me) . Some of the issue I
really like it and even took printout of the same, some of them stored safely
in my personal inbox folders. This is one of the kind, best I could say to
solve any type of problem you are currently going through. Here is the exact
copy of the issue..


A MountainWings Moment

3311          Wings Over The
Mountains of Life


Solution – Complicated Problem


"I’m sorry."

"I love you."

"Forgive me."

"You were right."

"Maybe mama was right."

"I’ll just let it go."

"It’s not really that important."

"It’s just ego, I’m acting like a baby."

"Let me just calm down."

me look at it from their point of view."

These are ten things that may help us see
a simple solution to what has been looking like an overly complicated


To: Subscribe, Un-Subscribe, Get a Book, T-Shirt, Rate
Issues, Tell Friends about MountainWings, Read Past Issues, Donations, Submit a
MountainWings Moment or Prayer Request, Set homepage to Daily issue in larger
type Go To: http://www.mountainwings.com


POBox 43725, 120 Selig Dr., Atlanta, GA 30336 USA


Hope you’ll like this and try this subscription.

Kumar R

Life !, Fun Life !!

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Apple Safari on Windows

One more browser(Apple, Safari 3 beta for windows) to heat up the browser war,
I guess its really tough time for IE Team as well as for testing professionals,
Yes now they have to cross test the page additionally in Safari too. According
to Apple’s page, here is the list of features Blazing Performance, Elegant User
Interface,Easy Bookmarks ,Pop-up Blocking ,Inline Find ,Tabbed Browsing ,SnapBack
,Forms AutoFill,Built-in RSS,Resizable Text Fields ,Private Browsing ,Security etc.
Get your copy here :
and http://www.apple.com/safari/download/

claims their browser is up to
twice as fast as the
competition, and the public beta of Safari 3 is being released as a free
download for Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

+ Pros

 Page looks brittle and soft , UI,
really like the alert box poping out from url bar, URL bar itself act as a
status bar-..cool idea

– Cons

 doesn’t have any add-ons like
FF , Startup time is slow


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Why is a manhole cover round?

This question seems to be funky, but this is one of the MS interview Question. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhole_cover
 One more fact is we are the leading producer of manhole to the world. http://littleindia.com/december2003/Made%20in%20India.htm

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Who were you in your last life?

To know the answer, just
type in the date when you were born in your present life.
, I’m wondering how people are creative in thinking. Here is my past life

Your past life diagnosis:

I don’t know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly
incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern France around
the year 850. Your profession was that of a seaman, cook or carpenter.

Bohemian personality, mysterious, highly gifted, capable to understand ancient
books. With a magician’s abilities, you could have been a servant of dark

lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:

(3) Your task is to learn, to love and to trust the universe. You are bound to
think, study, reflect, and to develop inner wisdom.

I like the last line of
my diagnosis
J especially. May be this is true. What you say. Try out and
let me know if you get something interesting like this …he hee..


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Once in our lifetime – Time Date Format (02:03:04 -05-06-07)

One of the
rare moments in our daily computing life. Yes, Today exactly at 02:03:04 PM,
the time and date format will be read as
2:03:04 05-06-07 J

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