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Notable difference between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007

Howdy all,

Yesterday I happen to copy 1 lakh
rows from Sql table to Excel for data validation, interestingly I couldn’t
find rows after 65536 ( I knew excel supports only 2^16 rows, brushing aside this,
I declared looping variable to 1 Lk and end up with wasting time in debugging.
So decided to post about excel 2003 capability and 2007 solution for this.

Feature                                                                 Excel
2003           |               Excel 2007

Maximum columns                                             256  
                      |               16 Thousand

Maximum rows                                                    64
Thousand        |               1 Million

Max number of function arg                              30                           |

Formula Length                                   1 Thousand          |
              8 Thousand char

No. of levels of nesting -formulas    7 
                            |               64

to MS Excel Team for pushing the Excel 2007 to a maximum level


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  1. There\’s more at and one of the new features is Table in place of List. Besides that, you may wanna check out the What-If Analysis features like


    Comment by Enter | July 2, 2007 | Reply

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