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Microsoft’s Future road maps….

Hello Frenz, Here is Microsoft future Jargon words. This was started to use this jargon words in Seminars and tech meet. You want to know this exactly?
 Before diving into answer directly, just ask your self,

what is  whidbey [ ? ]
what is  Yukon   [ ? ]
what is  Longhorn[ ? ]
what is  Winfx   [ ? ]
what is  Avalon  [ ? ]
what is  Indigo  [ ? ]
What is  ORCAS   [ ? ]
————————————————ANSWER ——————————————————

* whidbey   [ 2.0 ]
Whidbey is the codename for what is now known as Visual Studio 2005. See
And ASP.NET 2.0 is an (major) update to ASP.NET v1.1 released in 2003.

* yukon [sql 2005 ]
Yukon is the codename for what is now known as SQL Server 2005. Lot’s of new
features here too. See

All of the above is part of what Microsoft calls the Whidbey-wave of
products. Next is the Longhorn-wave.

* Longhorn
Most known as the codename for the next version of Microsoft Windows. See and

* WinFX
Name for a managed API set (see below). A starting point is Note that Avalon and Indigo are part of WinFX.

* Avalon
New graphics subsystem. See

* Indigo
New communication subsystem/model. See

  This version of Visual studio and the .NET framework will provide tools support
for Windows operating system, code name "longhorn". In simple, this would be the
64 bit programming tool and also supports for new storage model.

From the links given above you can find *pre-release* versions to download
from Microsoft. Read all the warnings there before you install them.
for more info,

STart brewing !!



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