"Fortunate are those who take the first steps.” ― Paulo Coelho

Updates from Personal front

Few of my friends pinged me to know where am I these days, as they don’t see post on this blog for quite some time. Yes, I was on leave for 10 days without net connection, busy with sister marriage plans etc. Everything went well & I feel its time for update my blog to keep rolling.. Here is the latest personal & important updates I feel to share..
§         My only, younger sister got married this 24’th of this month and I’m left, started looking…
§         My close friend, Sakthivel flown to US for onsite assignment..
§         My investment in MF’s glittering…
§         First time bought a blazer and wore it for reception..
§         Had a wonderful family reunion and gala time in home town..
§         I feel almost i got a soul mate from my relative chain, conversing with her,..but keeping my fingers crossed J
§         Dad altered my rooms in home town, got a spacious rooms with more ventilation & furniture’s..
§         Sensex crossed 20 K..
§         Ambani becomes a world richest person…
§         Completed 3+ Years of Experience in .NET & going to complete 2 years with current employer..
§         My roommate changed his job for whooping package.
      Will upload some of the photos once I got from studio…

October 31, 2007 - Posted by | Power Toys - Personal

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