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What is Slashdot effect.?

  Today When I was checking blog updates in RSS reader(FeedDemon), I saw site was slashdotted by rediff.Then  what is that /. ?
  Expln : published an article about Dax Pandhi’s(, sooner the article is published, Nukeation site was temporarily out of service due to the Slashdot Effect. I mean  too many users from big portal hitting small blogs or portals which makes the smaller site unavailable due to increase in traffics and hits.
 According to WiKi- "lot of readers will hit the link to read the story or see the purty pictures. This can easily throw thousands of hits at the site in minutes. Most of the time, large professional websites have no problem with this, but often a site we link will be a smaller site, used to getting only a few thousand hits a day. When all those Slashdot readers start crashing the party, it can saturate the site completely, causing the site to buckle under the strain. When this happens, the site is said to be "Slashdotted."  Recently, the terms "Slashdot Effect" and "Slashdotted" have been used more generally to refer to any short-term traffic jam at a website."  

November 3, 2006 - Posted by | 100 % Fun...[really Worth]

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