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9 Days Until Vista RTM!!

Hi all,
    MS is gearing up for much expected Vista release (RTM on Oct. 25,2006) Yes…YES…..yes…,MS is in full swing for rolling out VISTA RTM, I happend to read it in Seattle Times today reported that yesterday a scrolling electronic reader sign in Building 9 on Microsoft’s sprawling Redmond campus ready, "9 Days Until Vista RTM!!!"
    After following CTP, RC…Now RTM is ready to out. These are the MS way of releasing a product. It is ensure that in every stage it meets the criteria and bug free.
So what is this CTP, RC and RTM..??
  1. CTP – Community technology preview – time release to hands of customers between beta releases
  2. CTP Beta – releases get special attention from QA Team or milestones
  3. RC – Release candidate, one more type of release before RTM. they can have ‘n’ number of RC releases to close the bug baskets posted  by testers
  4. RTM – Release to manufacture. RTM marks the completion of the code-writing and bug-fixing processes for Microsoft. At RTM, Microsoft will hand over the final Vista code to factories, where it will be pressed onto disks and installed on the hard drives of new computers.
As we all knew that MS just released RC2 Release candidates, or RCs, are the final beta test copies that Microsoft sends out before finalizing the code for RTM. 
   Windows XP was released on Oct. 25, 2001….So hopefully VISTA RTM will happen on Oct 25,2006…then it will be moved to all customers and partners to load their machines with VISTA for sale.

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