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Certified for 70-487 !! [ recently cleared 70-532 too ]

Last week I have cleared my 70-487 Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services certification. I have started preparing for 45+ days on and off, mostly weekend reading and able to clear through second shot offer. There are plenty of materials there to prepare, but I urge to stick with official curriculum + MVA (microsoft virtual academy videos) for this exam. I had internal employee measure up account with some sample questions, with deep understanding of all those concepts + small hands on helped me crack it. Here is what you will learn through this certification,

9780735677241f1256.70-532_3E18159EChapter 1) Accessing Data using – EF, WCF DataServices, Azure Data Storage, Transaction, Caching, XML ds (data). ..

Chapter 2) Querying and Manipulating data by using EF – LINQ to Objects, entities, ADO.NET, EF, Lazy loading,data model…

Chapter 3) Designing and implementing WCF Services – SOA concepts, WCF API obj and config, Securing, consuming, version, Azure Service bus, one way-two way, hosting..

Chapter 4) Create and consume Web API based services – Design a web api, implement, secure, host and consume web api web services

Chapter 5): Deploying web application and Services- Design, deployment strategy, Configure, manage packages using Nuget, create, configure and publish a web package, share assemblies.

Overall, we  will learn back-end programming/db programming + infra projecs like publishing, nuget, etc also helps us to uinderstand end -to end.

Study notes from Chris – http://www.bloggedbychris.com/2013/01/24/microsoft-exam-70-487-study-notes/

[Update: May first week  – I have cleared 70-532 🙂 ]


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My First Coursera Certification- Computational Investing, Part I (Signature Track) experience

Wow, what a news to start my Monday morning – Yes, I’m thrilled to see and recieve my first ever -MOOC certification, so happy to share here in my blog ( b.t.w completed 9 years of tech blogging J.
I would like to write about my little experience with Coursera (MOOC) program by Georgia Ins- of Technology so readers can make use of it. Watch out, there is a part II also going to start which is of Machine learning I believe. I’m excited and waiting for it.
My Course review:
Honestly I was not so serious when I enrolled for this course, but once after the first week sign up and enrolled with signature track(49$) I became more punctual, serious and started learning python and doing assignment following strict timeline. Python on initial take was not easy, but you would enjoy after a week with assignments.. I bet this is going to be hair pulling if you don’t know python..

Course name:  “Computational Investing, Part I”
Prof Name: Prof Tucker Balch
Programming Lang : Python ,QuantSoftware ToolKit, libs like Numpy, Matplotlib & Pandas
Duration : 8 weeks, Time commitment: 8-12 hours/week
Fee: 49$, should have webcam and submit all assignments over the webcam presence with typing analsis program to avoid copying etc..
Certification validity : Life time think so..
My personal rating : 4.5/5,
Do I recommend: Yes, very much. I was about to sign up for other management course for whopping 7.5 Lakh ( ePGP ) but this is far better than that in short span of time to learn financial fundamentals and deep analysis in a clear way. I thank Dr. Balch for his trading related expertise.
What I learned :
1) Python programming with various supporting lib’s.
2) Domain : Developing trading strategies, event profiling, portfolio optimization, and simulation of trading strategies to analyze portfolio performance and risks etc in a very clear way and in a short period of time. Various aspects of investing like – Company valuation, the Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM), Efficient Markets Hypothesis, the role of information in pricing, historical data and its manipulation, portfolio performance assessment and optimization.


Online course record : https://www.coursera.org/records/jNWWBnZgA7Uq4hfd
My certificate of credit at : https://www.coursera.org/signature/certificate/EERDVVM4WS

Mahesh Kumar R
GRADE 100.0%
November 15th 2013
Student has earned a certificate with distinction.
Instructors: Dr. Tucker Balch,
Duration of course: 8 weeks

Some of my course content for reference:
Course Wiki: http://wiki.quantsoftware.org/index.php?title=Computational_Investing_I
Assignment Tooks: http://wiki.quantsoftware.org/index.php?title=QuantSoftware_ToolKit
Resources: http://wiki.quantsoftware.org/index.php?title=Resources
Misc URL’s.

Looking for the part -2 Computational Investing – Machine Learning/Algorithmic Trading by coming fall 2014 which is going to be challenging and interesting think so.. 

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