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About Azure App Service [ Web Apps, Mobile Apps, API Apps and Logic Apps] — WAML Apps

In the recent build conference, we had few Azure announcements. Yes out of that, “Azure App Service” is something important for dev’s to learn and try out. Had a chance to go through this announcements, so thought of sharing the awesomeness in this post. Azure App service has got 4 features – Web, Mobile, Logic and API as below.

It actually enables us to to easily create Web(web sites) + Mobile + Logic + API Apps and also facilitate us to refer each of them without complex coding or integration pains.

  1. Azure Web Apps (aka Azure Websites – renamed)
  2. Azure Mobile Apps (aka Mobile Services)
  3. Azure Logic Apps (‘workflow’ style apps – get the data from one connector and pass it on to diff connectors)
  4. Azure API Apps (uses Swagger)

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Azure Web Apps(a.k.a Azure Websites)

+ straightforward web hosting multitenant platform(PaaS), you can build and host websites using .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, and Python. there is nothing new here, except renamed from Azure WebSites if you are familiar with.

Azure API Apps

+ new apps from MSFT, this is nothing but our HTTP based API projects. These API can be consumed by the application developed using .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, and Python. It has got the metadata formatted by swagger (opensource frmk)

Azure Mobile Apps

+ SSO, + build engaging iOS, Android and Windows apps.
+ same like other apps – autoscale helps us to meet the sudden demand
+ you can easily integrate with facebook, Twitter, Google etc.

Azure Logic Apps.

+ again new from MSFT, it has the graphical dashboard workflow diagrams which helps us to experiment and implement easily without much of complex integration code. You could automate certain business process or workflow using designer. For out of the box, you may have to find one from market place. Key things include: Workflow, Connectors, Triggers, Actions

useful links: https://tryappservice.azure.com/   &    https://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/announcing-the-new-azure-app-service

Videos explaining them – http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/services/app-service/



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My Biztalk Server(BTS) Expedition – Part I


This weekend I had a usefull time in learning about Biztalk server and its importance. Thanks to Hari for sharing his Biztalk passion with me. I knew the importance of Biztalk server, but I never imagined about its new features in 2006. Wanna be a Integration Engineer.. Then you should know Biztalk fundas. I’m kind of guy interested in tweaking, configurin, installing, playing with settings, registry editing etc…besides all day coding..now I’m looking biztalk as a serious for Career opp in Application Integration path. All my expedition starts here ..
I started my biztalk passion 6 months back, But i never been into work environment/tried out any hands on lab. I stopped learning about concepts, tools and differeces etc……but today i tried out my very first sample app in biztalk by MS virtual lab. Even you can try out here
Following tools we need to consider for Biztalk environment
1. Visual Studion – Dev.Environment for Biztalk server
2. Host Integration Server (2004 or 2006)- Midrange or mainframe connectivity services
3. sql server- BI, Data storage,DTS and replication Services
4. MS office System- Excel, infopath, sharepoint portal server
5. MS vertical Accelerators- vertical specific accelerators for HIPAA, HL7, SWIFT, Rosettanet

The other day, Hari( my roommate ) was totally pissed of for biztalk server installation. Its prompts for,
Windows Server 2003 SP1,
SQL server SP4,
Infopath SP’s etc,
Biztalk Pre-Requ etc..It was kept on prompting one by one…so if you planned for a new installation better have all this list.

• Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1
• Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and Info Path 2003 with Service Pack 2
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with Microsoft Visual C# .NET
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Service Pack 4
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services with  Service Pack 4
 • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Notification Services or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Notification Services 2.0 with Service Pack 1
 • Microsoft Windows Share Point Services 2.0 with Service Pack 2

And also you need a Pre-Requisite cab file which you can download from MS site. The Pre-Req CAB file contains the following software:
· Office Web Components (OWC) 11
· Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1
· Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 3.0 SP7
· Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 6.0
· SQLXML 3.0 SP3
· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
· ADOMD.Net-KB893091-v8.00.0991-x86.EXE

Here is our BUG-I group – Biztalk User Group- India, even you can see me in that picture for attending BUG-I group launch by Lakshmi, MVP ( Group Moderator ) Here is the BUG-I group link > http://groups.msn.com/bug-i/

Let me know and help me out if anyone is expertise in Biztalk ..pls share with me

Happy weekend !


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