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[Azure PaaS] Why to consider Azure PaaS?

Happy new year ! As a Technical Evangelist, I work with bunch of ISV’s where I meet technical architects for engagements which includes Architectural design talk, review or POC’s assistance. To me, its easy to work with and explain Uber architects vs PowerPoint architects who resist PaaS services aggressively and often describe it’s a burden for them. As a leader in PaaS offerings, we encourages developers/startups to focus on their “apps” rather spending time on managing the underlying resources. It gives us a “real” freedom to operate cloud easily and also provide easy integration happy path to various tools, reports and monitoring. Here
I wanted to list out the advantages of adapting PaaS Service over IaaS.

1) Open and Hybrid: Azure is committed to being open and speak customer languages of their choice and platforms they prefer. We openly work with many open source communities, integrating the demands, acknowledging the development community movement and also contribute the same fix back to the community repos. By this way, It put us on a win/win situation. Hybrid path and options in Azure is so useful for someone to leverage their existing on Premise investments. Azure PaaS provides high control, high productivity + Intelligence platform which you can consider for both Open source and Hybrid scenario’s.

2) Data-driven Intelligence: Azure is the “only” cloud provider which provides comprehensive monitoring solutions to monitor both Cloud and On- Premises in a single pane. It has Azure Monitor, Application Insights, Log Insights etc helps to get various intelligence about the services easily. It also has the Azure Security Centre to helps us easily detect threats early and avoid false positives.

3) Continuous Innovation: Azure services can be easily integrated with VSTS which provides an end to end DevOps having planning, build & release and required tools. Azure Cognitive and AI services is way ahead of other providers. In fact, Azure provides 29 API’s for Cognitive Service which is a true value proposition and also a sign of Innovation.

4) Cross Platform: Using VS tools for Xamarin, developers can build native Android, iOS and windows apps sharing 90% of the code across device platforms. Non developers can also build scalable applications for desktop and mobile on top of cloud & On Premise services using PowerApps (no coding skills required).

5) Productivity & Tools: Azure offers unparalleled developer productivity tools for PaaS Development with Visual Studio through which one can even step into remote codes in few mins(remote debugging). 

Do you still believe as a burden?


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