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Procdump is preferred over Adplus- About ProcDump.

There may be many ways to capture the dumps in winodws, but which one gives us the better dumps ? Obviously Procdump has lot of advantage, details and preferred over Adplus when see the details in Windbg. 

We suggest to use Procdump and also carefully select the bitness when capturing dumps. For 64 bit use -64 or else leave it blank(default it is 32 bit).

 The syntax goes like this for crash-> Procdump -e -ma -t -64 -w Outlook.exe    (Procdump page has got details about these command line switches)

Let me put it in steps,

1)    Before taking dump, enable page heap corruption checking using the following command:   gflags.exe -p /enable outlook.exe /full

 2)    Now run the procdump command to capture the dump with bitness set accordingly. Procdump -e -ma -t -64 -w Outlook.exe  Wait for the crash and confirm dump has been created successfully.

 3)    After the crash, reset command: gflags.exe -p /disable outlook.exe You can use the following command line to see if page heap checking is enabled:    gflags.exe –p

 For additional info, refer Dan B blog post here and about procdump quick video here.


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