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How to use the same keyset for strongname signing as well as for manifest and/or Authenticode signing.

Strong name signing requires KeySpec=2 (AT_SIGNATURE). Similar issue was blogged for VS2005 and that still holds true for VS2010. The certificate has KeySpec=1 (AT_EXCHNAGE) and worked around by modifying the certificate to have KeySpeck=1. Steps below helps you to successfully sign the project

1. Using the “Certifiates” MMC export the existing keyset (KeySpec=1) to a PFX file.

2. Delete the existing certificate from the crypto store (using the MMC).

3. Open a CMD prompt.

4. import the PFX file using this command:certutil -importPFX -user <pfxfilename> AT_SIGNATURE

5. Enter the passphrase for the pfx when prompted.

6. You now should have a keyset/Cert with KeySpec=2. If needed you can now export this into another PFX file using the MMC again.

7. Use the new .pfx in the Visual Studio to sign the executable


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