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Differences Between MEF and Unity

The main reasons to use Unity (or any other IoC container) are if:

  1. You have dependencies between your objects.
  2. You need to manage the lifetime of an object.
  3. You want to manage dependencies at runtime, such as cache, constructors, and
  4. properties.
  5.  You need to intercept the creation of an object.

The main reasons to use MEF are if:

  1. You need to implement external and reusable extensions in your client application, but you might have different implementations in different hosts.
  2. You need to auto-discover the available extensions at runtime.
  3. You need a more powerful and extensible framework than a normal Dependency Injectionframework, and you want to get rid of the various boot-strapper and initializer objects.
  4. You need to implement extensibility and/or modularity in your component

> Excerpt from book Building Enterprise Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation and the Model View ViewModel Pattern


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