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Info regarding gflags to catch heap issues(Windbg)

This post is about info regarding gflags to catch hard to find heap corruption issues. Here are the two articles that explain the steps.!/2008/05/fuzzing-and-detecting-heap-corruption.html

In steps,

1) Shutdown or close your “Winword.exe” or any target process that we are trying to analyze

2) Launch Appverifier and specify the following.

Setup gflags [options] process name  module name this is preferred if you know which module.

3) For if component “Spellcheck in Word” is a suspect example:-

  gflags –p /enable winword.exe /full /dlls spellcheck.dll or

4) If we have no clue what is causing the heap corruption then track the whole process.

  gflags –p /enable winword.exe /full

5)Make sure to launch the target application with windbg.

6) Monitor all access violations caught in windbg.


October 4, 2012 - Posted by | windbg

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