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What is editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE and when to use.

This is been discussed already here  EDITBIN used to modify object files, exe and dll.

editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE – used to edit the image to indicate that the application can handle addresses larger than 2 gigabytes.

by default, a x86/32 bit app can consume or memory allocated by OS is 2 GB in 32bit, where as in 64 bit it can go upto 8 TB.

If you have an application consuming huge memory and developed in 32 bit, then we can this option to increase the roam for more memory using this command.

32-bit application on 32-bit Windows: 2GB – > can be tweaked to 3 GB
32-bit application on 64-bit Windows: 2GB – > can be tweaked to 4 GB
64-bit application on 64-bit Windows: 8TB —- No change required.

>dumpbin.exe and editbin.exe.

To add – > editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE [application]
To remove it-> editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE:no [application]

To check: dumpbin /headers [application]

2012-09-06 - Posted by | windbg


  1. Sooper 🙂


    Comment by Abhi | 2012-09-06 | Reply

  2. Dear Gurus,
    How can we know that after successfully execute the EDITBIN the process memory increased?


    Comment by Malik Adeel Imtiaz | 2017-11-03 | Reply

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