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Windbg commands -Part 2

>NTSD,CDB,KD – from chm
>.sympath c:\symbols;c:\program files; ->To set/display display sympath
>.chain -> to see the list of extn
>.hh -> to load chm & .help /D (very useful one)
>.q, .restart
>.chain /D
>ld * (loaded modules)
>.sympath (to display the path)
>.symfix (this automatically point to
>x*l (list all modules)
>!analyze (most used) -v, -hang, -f (switches)
>exr -1 (display most recent exception)
>lm (list modules)
>!runaway [flags:0|1|2] -> display info about time consumed by each thread(0-user time, 1-kernal time,2-time elapsed since thread creation)
>~*K -> call stack for all threads
>!findstack kernel32 2 -> displays all stacks that contain “kernel32”
>.frame (show current frame)
>d* -> memory
>!heap -stat (dump heap handle list)

userful links ->, C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)\debugger.chm, type simply .hh inside windbg cmd prompt
DUMPBIN, EDITBIN -> for header analysis
srv*[DOWNLOAD PATH LOCAL]*[SYMBOL SERVER LOCATION] -> for Downloading symbols
Symstore.exe ->Setting up private symbol store -> create own symbol server
IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE – setting 32 bit/64 bit target


September 5, 2012 - Posted by | windbg

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