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What is DUMPBIN?
The DUMPBIN utility, which is provided with the 32-bit version of Microsoft Visual C++, combines the abilities of the LINK, LIB, and EXEHDR utilities. The combination of these tools features the ability to provide information about the format and symbols provided in executable, library, and DLL files.
– use for verifying the stack reserve using Header options
What is EDITBIN?
The Microsoft COFF Binary File Editor (EDITBIN.EXE) modifies Common Object File Format (COFF) binary files. You can use EDITBIN to modify object files, executable files, and dynamic-link libraries (DLL).
An application’s stack size is set when the executable is built. The stack size is typically specified in the Module-Definition File (.DEF) when you use the STACKSIZE command or the /STACK Linker command. You can modify an executable’ s stack size after it has been built by using the EDITBIN tool that is included with Visual C+
– Use for changing the stack size to your desired size. ( this can be done at the time of Stack overflow exception in some exe )

Syntax and usage ?

dumpbin /HEADERS “Your.exe” ( Get the Header and see the stack reserve )
editbin /STACK:262144 “Your.exe”
dumpbin /HEADERS “Your.exe” ( Get again the header and see the stack reserve changed this time )

I see the stack reserve changed from 100000 size of stack reserve
40000 size of stack reserve

Note: This needs to be run it under .NET command prompt.

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