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What is Visual Studio LightSwitch? Why one more tool?

1)VS LightSwitch is designed to address this all-too-common scenario.

2)LS is form VS family aimed at developers of all skill levels who want to quickly create data-centric business applications for the desktop, Web and cloud.

3)LS simplifies the development process because it does most of the development work for you. You don’t need to write code to interact with db’s and you don’t need to manually lay out screens. — You can concentrate on the business logic.

4)LS applications are based on Silverlight. Based on MVVM, Entity Framework and WCF RIA Services. Deployed as desktop (out-of-browser) or browser-based applications. Desktop applications can leverage local hardware resources and work with applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Both desktop and browser-based LightSwitch applications can be hosted on IIS and Windows Azure.

5)Knowing that a LightSwitch application is a Silverlight application, you may be wondering, “Where is the XAML?”

A primary goal of LightSwitch is to make it much easier to build applications. It therefore does not expose XAML at design time. Rather, LightSwitch generates XAML at run time based on the screen design. This makes it dramatically easier for users to build applications.

If you’re an experienced Silverlight developer, you might be thinking that this also limits your ability to build the screens you’d like.

Note: Primary audience for LS is end-user developers. These are people building applications to support business functions. They aren’t professional developers. They’re IT pros, information workers and others who do some development as part of their job. They often have a need to build applications that manage “things,” such as department computer assets or car fleets. They may need an application to manage an event, such as a quarterly open house.



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