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What is Pitchbook?

I overheard in meeting about this phrase often used, “Pitchbook”…hmm not facebook 😉

What is Pitchbook – read from Investopedia –http://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/pitchbook.asp

In nutshell(src:google) –

Def1: – “A marketing tool created and used by an investment firm. A firm will create this book filled with information about the firm, and then use this as a tool when attracting new clients for the firm. These books will often include general information about the company, broad financial information describing their achievements, and specific stories about special events or situations the firm has encountered”.

Def2:- “A fund manager’s guidebook on how to inform potential investors about getting involved in investments and what type of investments meets the client’s needs at the current time. For example, a fund manager may have specific guidelines on how to talk to clients who want to learn more about investing for retirement.”


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